Favourite Kitely Destinations

A month or so back I started my exploration of Kitely destinations and came across Tao Lia, a truly beautiful collection of sims, created around a series of dreamy themes. This is an inspiring, serene and interesting place to visit and highly recommended, whichever metaverse you are from! Unlike the numerous wonderful destinations in Second…

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More Beach Huts!…Romantic Oceanside Cuddles….

….And here are the new versions of my new Beach Hut one in slightly distressed, weather beaten white with emerald, lilac and cream textures and the other in Jade Green! They look great by the ocean and come with the same great cuddles and animations. Texture change floor and open and close blinds plus romantic lighting and float…

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Bouncing Boobs & Bits Second Life

This video shows the ‘Jessica Lyon’ Bouncing Boob wearable in action, there are plenty of others to choose from….read on for more details….

Bouncing Boobs Phoenix Second Life
You Can’t See It ….But They Are Bouncing Here!

I could not let this moment pass by without saying a few words about the new Avatar Physics on the latest version of Phoenix.


Asian Beach Hut Now In The Marketplace Store!

I’ve been busy making more new furniture for the store but am rapidly running out of prims! So I’ve decided to make a gorgeous but really primmy Asian Beach Hut. It looks great by the ocean, on the beach or by a river. It has lots of animated cuddles (very realistic looking) texture change floors…

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Second Life Double Standards

Earlier in the year I closed the doors on my Honeymoon and Romance Sim Whispering Winds after business had started to slow down during the recession. I still had my regular visitors and new couples coming to visit but that just wasn’t enough to justify keeping it going. I started to promote it on the…

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More Marquees….See In Store & On SL Marketplace

Just Press F5 if the slideshow doesn’t start : )

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Second Life Summers

If, like me you live in the Northern Hemisphere (Good Ole UK in my case) then there is a strong feeling that winter is now behind us and summer is on her way. All the spring flowers are out, looking pretty and very soon I will be able to switch off all my heating as well.…

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The End Of Love & Romance

After more than 2 years of running my Love, Romance & Honeymoon sim I’ve some sad news….sob…in that I’ve just closed down operations. The economic recession seems to have affected Cupid too and over the last 6 months fewer people have been staying on the islands and when they have stayed they’ve only stayed for 1…

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Love & SLex…

Hi Guys Thank you for your patience in the absence of any recent blogging! You will see that I have been busy in world finishing off my new bed and outdoor collection and it has been a really mammoth task! I’ve been working on some new cuddle and sex beds and along with RL it has…

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Second Life Viewer 2 Rant….. : )

I’m sorry to have to jump on the ‘I hate Viewer 2’ band wagon when so much work seems to have gone into setting  it up, promoting it, marketing and shoring it up. Plus see later on for an my thoughts on the Emerald debacle…. But…. I do hate Viewer 2 not because I want to but because I’ve…

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Wardrobe Additions!

I thought that it was about time that I updated my wardrobe and by chance a friend recommended adiva….well what a great recommendation! Adiva make dream couture dresses of brilliant artistry and quality. If you’re looking for a dress with drama, floatiness and romance adiva is the place…oh and don’t forget to take your metacard as it’s…

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NEW Moco PhotoART Studio Opens Soon!

Now that I have re-arranged my store I’ll be opening a new Photo Studio to help you all to beautify your profile images and your homes! Take at look at ‘my photography’ for more details and a special freebie for those of you who are quick and have a look at a sample of profile…

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Congratulations Giselle & Tiany!

  Yes 2 lucky store customers have won themselves a fabulous stay on one of our Romance Islands! These islands have state of the art animations, beautifully landscaped, with forests, fields of red poppies, miles of ocean and above all total privacy. All islands have been rented out for the last couple of days by couples…

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New SL Bedroom Emporium

After a very busy week my new Bedroom Emporium is now open. It was a lot of work but I think the end results look really nice! It’s still very girly but there are plenty of male animations too providing you like your furniture in pinks and baby blue!!! I think it looks very elegant and…

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Raspberries & Cream…mmmmmm

Here I am on my home island, checking out the animations in this warm cream sofa. All my sofas have invisible anims with room enough for 2! See more in store at Moco Emporium. Oh….before I forget I’m wearing another dress by SLink this one in a deep raspberry red….

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