Sakia’s Cottage

I often get asked to visit customer’s homes after they’ve bought one of my cottages. I get invited mainly to hang out, share their excitement and so that they can showcase their landscaping and decorating prowess. It is always an honour to be invited and I love having a look around. I never fail

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BlueBelle’s Baby Sister

The new range of cottages have proved popular and I’ve been really glad that people like them. However a few people have asked for a smaller version of BlueBelle for more modest parcels so here she is, Lavender Cottage. It’s based on the Riverside and BlueBelle Cottage templates but obviously with a different colour way,…

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Riverside Cottage Now On Sale At Ven River!

The cottage and furniture sets are now available to buy at Ven River and on the Marketplace. BUY On The Marketplace Save over 30% by buying the house and furniture together. Furniture sets include;

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More Riverside Cottage Photos

Riverside Cottage and it’s furnishings will be up for sale from next week. The house and furniture pack will be on sale for 20% off individual prices. BUT for subscribers to this blog who are also second Life Residents you will be able to buy the house and furniture set for 30% off from a…

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Red Asian Lodge – Now On Sale At Ven River!

I’m sure you will love the new Orient inspired sumptuous Red Asian House. It’s on 2 levels and is stuffed full of high quality furnishings and goodies. I’m sure you will love it almost as much as I loved making it. I have to say though that as I don’t spend so much time in…

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More Beach Huts!…Romantic Oceanside Cuddles….

….And here are the new versions of my new Beach Hut one in slightly distressed, weather beaten white with emerald, lilac and cream textures and the other in Jade Green! They look great by the ocean and come with the same great cuddles and animations. Texture change floor and open and close blinds plus romantic lighting and float…

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Bouncing Boobs & Bits Second Life

This video shows the ‘Jessica Lyon’ Bouncing Boob wearable in action, there are plenty of others to choose from….read on for more details….

Bouncing Boobs Phoenix Second Life
You Can’t See It ….But They Are Bouncing Here!

I could not let this moment pass by without saying a few words about the new Avatar Physics on the latest version of Phoenix.


More Marquees….See In Store & On SL Marketplace

Just Press F5 if the slideshow doesn’t start : )

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Tahoe Linden Homes…Just Moved In!

A very happy New Year to everyone! I hope you have a great 2011. In fact I hope the whole world has a great 2011 as we all stand on the edge of precipice…potential wars everywhere, swine flu on the rise, the continuing economic crisis extremists of every hue going mad, floods, famines and the…

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The Store Expansion Story Continues!

  This is the second post in the update on my new expanded store…the previous post was yesterday so I am catching up on my blogging! SL seems very quiet at the moment and there also seems to be an under current of dissatisfaction (again). A lot to do with the new SL viewer which is terrible, the…

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NEW Expanded Store!

    Hello to all my regular readers and apologies for being away so long! I’ve been busy expanding my Saint Lucia store so that it now includes even more luscious bedrooms and all of our outdoor furniture. So frequent shoppers no longer have to island hop! That means I will be closing down the furniture…

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I’ve been spending time thinking what may work in a home in Kagero but as I don’t have one it’s been more difficult to design for, so if anyone would be able to lend me their Kagero home for a couple of days…..let me know 🙂 Here’s a small sample of some of the Shareta Osumai range I’ve…

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More Meadowbrook SL Furniture Pics

Just thought I’d whet your appetite with some more furniture form the Meadowbrook Range. Other colours are coming soon…..just as soon as I find some more prims!!!

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Meadowbrook Linden Homes! I Got Mine!

Well I’ve just moved in and by the look of things so has the rest of the Second Life! The modern Meadowbrook Linden Home seems to be the most popular, plus the houses are nicely designed with lots of light. And, they have more space (slightly…) than the other areas like the elf, fantasy and the…

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Congratulations Giselle & Tiany!

  Yes 2 lucky store customers have won themselves a fabulous stay on one of our Romance Islands! These islands have state of the art animations, beautifully landscaped, with forests, fields of red poppies, miles of ocean and above all total privacy. All islands have been rented out for the last couple of days by couples…

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