New SL Bedroom Emporium

After a very busy week my new Bedroom Emporium is now open. It was a lot of work but I think the end results look really nice! It’s still very girly but there are plenty of male animations too providing you like your furniture in pinks and baby blue!!! I think it looks very elegant and classical take a look for yourself and let me know what you think. There are new beds, new sofas, new accessories, free picture frames, screens, candles, rugs, working fires ….. the list is endless. I’ll add on more pics now that I have more time!

Soothing blue 4 Poster with matching sofa, armchair, rug, flowers, dresser,very pretty

Lush Caramel 4 Poster with matching chaise, flowers etc. All come with sit anims and cuddles.
Caramel Bed Details
This 4 Poster has sheer side curtains and gorgeous texture details.
Floaty, Candy Pink 4 Poster and deep pink rose bouquet
On/Off Switch, Fire Crackles, Realistic Flickering Light