Bouncing Boobs & Bits Second Life

This video shows the ‘Jessica Lyon’ Bouncing Boob wearable in action, there are plenty of others to choose from….read on for more details….

Bouncing Boobs Phoenix Second Life
You Can’t See It ….But They Are Bouncing Here!

I could not let this moment pass by without saying a few words about the new Avatar Physics on the latest version of Phoenix.


Asian Beach Hut Now In The Marketplace Store!

I’ve been busy making more new furniture for the store but am rapidly running out of prims! So I’ve decided to make a gorgeous but really primmy Asian Beach Hut. It looks great by the ocean, on the beach or by a river. It has lots of animated cuddles (very realistic looking) texture change floors…

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Phoenix Rising

Well, I just can’t keep up with what’s happening in SL at the moment…one minute Emerald is dead in the water (and still is) the next the Phoenix has risen. I have to say I really like the Phoenix viewer even though I suspect it was released slightly prematurely as it has been a bit…

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The End Of The Emerald Viewer

Well, it’s a sad day when I hear that it’s the end of Emerald the Third Party Viewer, which Linden Labs has succeeded in destroying by encouraging them to destroy themselves. I have read with incredulity the events that have been unfolding over the last couple of weeks. Firstly, there were the issues over Emerald’s apparent misconduct,…

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