Love & SLex…

Secondlife Sex Bed
This is my new rustic woodland bed with cuddles…desgined for the great outdoors with 6 sensual cuddles.

Hi Guys

Thank you for your patience in the absence of any recent blogging! You will see that I have been busy in world finishing off my new bed and outdoor collection and it has been a really mammoth task! I’ve been working on some new cuddle and sex beds and along with RL it has all taken much longer than I thought it would. As a result I’ve spent far too much time inworld so will be taking a break from SL for a while as it’s starting to get a bit boring as well!

That aside what exactly have I been creating? Well most SL residents will know what’s meant by a ‘sex bed’ and for the uninitiated it’s a 3d bed full of sophisticated scripts which allows you to ahem….fulfill your desires with your inworld lover. It works in the same way for cuddles too. There has been a lot of debate on SL blogs recently about whether sex in world is real or fake and the conclusion seems to be that it depends on the person! Many people just don’t get why someone would see 2 pixelated cartoon type characters getting it on as erotic but the truth is that  many people do and there’s a multi million dollar in world industry which supports this.

The other big factor for many people is if you have a strong emotional connection with your inworld partner then things can be and feel even more real. If the brain is meant to be the most important sex organ that makes a lot of sense. Many people join SL just for the chance of free n easy SL sex or SLex and can’t wait to indulge themselves that way. It can be anonymous, risk free and indulgent. Some decide to earn a few Lindens as prostitutes or escorts and or work in strip joints. Some have a different partner every week. I made the mistake of moving into an island next to one which had been turned into a brothel so cue a 100 naked avatars trying to get on my island every day with their fake genitalia on show….it was just too much so I left. When I complained to my neighbours they just encouraged more people to visit my island. Some people can be really selfish like that in SL and she was priceless your archetypal b*tch.

In fact, whatever your preferences and whatever you want you can get it inworld and I’m not exaggerating because SL is just a reflection of real life. Many residents hate this aspect of SL and feel that Linden Labs should do more to protect the vulnerable although LL have always had a ‘hands off’ approach to their residents’ freedoms. I do agree that there should be  limits and these should be properly policed. The big worry for me is the the recent decision to allow teens onto the main grid…that is (I believe) people of age 16+. SL is no place for people under 18 in my humble opinion.

The beauty of SL though is that it is a computer game where you decide on what the purpose of the game is and it is totally possible and easy to have absolutely no contact with the steamier, seedier  side of SL, the inworld sex trade or anything connected with it, if that’s what you want. For me my ‘game’ is beauty, design, friendships and business and that’s about it….oh yes and dancing! Dancing in SL is a whole other topic but is really a funny thing to do and for some reason inworld clubs have such a similar vibe to the real thing it’s quite strange!

So what I hope I’ve created are beautiful beds and furnishings that will appeal to those wishing to make the most of their SL partnerships and lovers. They come in cuddle only and a much more sexier version so people will be able to buy to their preferences! There is nothing seedy about these I love designing and making quality stuff and so if there are any discerning couples out there looking for gorgeous furniture for your second life homes please feel free to visit my store in lovely Saint Lucia! See the links and SLurl to the right…..oh and if you would like a custom made texture just get in touch… may be a couple of days before I get back to you as I’m taking a break!

Here then are a selection of my designs with more to come. Feast your eyes and have fun…..muwaaahhhhh xxxx Moco

Second Life Woodland Sex Bed, Second Life Erotica
You can find everything at my store in Saint Lucia – see the links to the store on the right.
Imagine sitting back with your loved one under the stars or as the sun starts to set, the waves gently lapping nearby
A luxurious, satiny, canopy bed with sparkling crystals. This is the full sexy version which also includes some sensual cuddles too! I don’t know about you but you can almost hear the roar of the waterfall in the background!
I like the detail in this bed, it was meant to evoke Roman wealth and luxury, hopefully all those pleats, gems and gold creates that kinda vibe!
Green & Gold always work well together! This comes in the sexier version only and is one of the demo beds

This antique style bed works great in medieval castles and manor houses. The 4  poster design has swishing curtains and swags. It comes in the cuddle and the full sexy version!
This is one of my best selling beds which now comes in both the cuddly and the sexy version. You will see in the picture that the pose balls are heart shaped and are colour matched accordingly to each bed. These pose balls are temp so only hang around as long as you’re using them or when you stop the sex engine. They save on clutter but look good when they pop up!
more cream…more carnations
More Cream Vicar?

There’s a lot more information in my store on:  types of animations, how the beds work plus sample pose pictures. If you would like to know more and your questions haven’t been answered please get in touch and don’t forget to pick up a landmark for the new bedroom emporium on Whispering Wind.

Float Away….

The medieval chandelier is now in store!