Group Gift Released!


The Firenze Classical Gazebo has finally been released and it’s free for all Group Members. The gift has already been sent out to existing group members so if you’ve missed it just join/re-join the group and then head to notices to download it. It will be available as usual for 14 days and then it will disappear as a free gift. The Gazebo pack will go on sale shortly after the Group pick up period has ended so be quick!!!

You can join the group and see the gift in-world at the main store at Coyaba River Island.

It will match many of our houses currently for sale but watch out for other versions with different colour options coming soon.

What’s In the Gift Box?

  • 100% Original mesh Gazebo
  • Gazebo Li = 21
  • Gazebo is copy only
  • Is re-sizable (see the photo note to find the switch)
  • Has several texture change options – it uses a similar switch which is opposite the resizer switch
  • Comes with a collection of decor items

Your gift comes with a choice of textures. You can change the marble accents to match your décor the switch is a small box inside the roof canopy please see the Firenze texture changer texture in the box or the photo below.



It is resizable to twice its current size and please be aware that any increases to mesh objects will increase the land impact. It can easily be reset to its default size. This should give you plenty of options to match your parcel size.

This means that you can make it big enough to fit in a decent sized hot tub, see the hot tub collection at my store or on the Marketplace which will give you plenty to choose from.

Super Size Me…



The Accessories

Included in the pack are a whole range of Décor items to help with your styling including;

  • Rustic lamp and chain
  • Various potted plants C/M
  • Topiary trees
  • Two types of marble benches with multi sits



Group Gift Coming Soon!


After a very busy time in RL I have managed to carve out some time to pull together the next group gift. Yay!  It’s a classically designed Gazebo with a re-sizer and you will be able to change the colour accents to match your own décor. It comes with a matching assortment of planters and roses.

It will be released in the next week or so that gives you time to rejoin the group if you’ve let your membership lapse and to tell your friends! Keep an eye on the blog for the release date as once released it will be available for just 14 days and then it will no longer be free to pick up as a freebie!

More News… a new house called La Mexica is currently on the drawing board. It is a cutting edge modern design really unique. I will be releasing some in progress photos over the next month so look out for those too.



Lincoln Cove ~ Extra Textures

lincoln textures_009

Due to popular demand Lincoln Cove now comes with a choice of 2 different external textures. When you buy this cottage you will find these extra textures in the Lincoln Cove Extras box.

You can still of course add your own textures inside and out very easily! See the cottage in world or on the Marketplace for more details.

Where To Buy



More Info

lincoln textures_001

Another Goodbye….Adieu Prince…..


It was sad to hear of another pop icon passing away with Prince’s recent departure. I hope I don’t have to do any more tributes to musical icons or anyone else this year but you never know, life can be very unpredictable. First Bowie, now Prince….

I don’t have much more to add to the millions of words already published recognising Prince’s formidable talent both as a musician (he could play almost any instrument) and his talent as a lyricist. My favourite of his musical poems being, Kiss, Purple Rain, When Doves Cry and 1999. Jolan the runner up to the UK version of ‘The Voice’ did a phenomenal version of Purple Rain check out the video below which will hopefully be accessible by those of you outside of the UK.

With all the speculation still going on about how Prince died we should remember him as someone who touched millions and millions of lives in a positive way and celebrate him as a true artist and icon. RIP Prince we will miss you.


Atlantis Lava Beach … Now with a pool!

Atlantis Lava Beach Pool Cottage _031

The Atlantis Lava Beach Cottage set now comes with its own swimming pool! This has just been added to the House Only pack and will be added to the House & full decor set very soon. The plan is then to also to add it to the other cottage in the Atlantis range giving you full choice of which one to buy. You can pick one up at the store or on the Marketplace.

The pool comes with sit, chat and float animations to help you to forget about everything. This is a freebie addition to the pack so you can pick it up with the cottage for the usual price.

I hope you enjoy it and look out for the cuddle version which will be coming soon as well.


Ps – if you have recently bought either Atlantis Cottage please contact me to get a copy of the swimming pool totally gratis, for free, for nada🙂

Atlantis Lava Beach Pool Cottage _029


Ooops … Retro Radio Update

Radio update 3
Firstly an apology to all group members. I sent the Retro Radios out to everyone with inaccessible instructions, sorry about that…. But a big thanks to those community spirited members who got in touch to moan, I mean to let me know something was badly amiss, appreciated.

I’ve re-issued the instructions in a little box sent out to all group members this morning. It is just a re-issue of the notes on how to use, how to add stations etc not the transfer radios themselves, as group gifts expire after 14 days. You can still pick up the copy versions for free in store which can only be used on land you own.

And by way of another apology I’ve created a new blinged up radio for you to collect. It is encrusted with real, Lindenovski fake diamonds and surrounded by a pearly, oyster tinted faux leather with gold coloured knobs. Now you can’t say fairer than that.  In fact this radio is so blinged up and shiny, I honestly can’t see it being out of place on the arm of any self respecting Kardashian.

Radio update 2

You can pick this version up in store, it’s located in an easy to find spot at one of the houses, so get hunting! If there is enough demand I may do a transfer version too so just let me know.

Spread the word Moco Fanatics so that no one misses out.

Love ya’ll❤❤

Radio Update_007



Lincoln COVE Now Available In-Store

Amante Lincoln 3

MOCO Homes’ latest release, Lincoln COVE is now available to buy at the in-world store and on the Marketplace.

You can spend as much time as you want in the cottage, taking in the views, listening to music or planning your decor! Furniture packs will be released for both of the Lincoln Barns over the year, whenever I have time to get virtually creative. However a lot of the furniture packs for Atlantis would also work very well so maybe take a look at those as well when you visit.

Other than that hope you all have a fabulous week!

Amanate Lincoln 1

Customer Notice…. I Am Away

NEW Moco Homes!_017

I will be away from Second Life for the next few days at least with no access to pick up any SL IMs or notecards. As most IMs don’t get through in any case if you do have a customer query please see below;

  • If you have a question about your new home – Please take a look at the online manuals which will answer most initial queries and are translatable
  • If you need a redelivery – If you bought the cottage at the store please go to one of the terminals and follow the options to request a redelivery. If you bought it on the Marketplace please contact me by email (see below for the details)
  • For everything else – please send an email or use the blog contact form

I will get back to you as soon as I can and please be patient as I will also be travelling so my access to the internet may be a little intermittent!

Have fun!

NEW Moco Homes!_006

Group Gift Released ~ 6 Fabulous Retro Radios

Blog Retro Radio Group

This month’s group gift is a set of six mesh Retro Radios for you to enjoy.

They are the updated versions of the Retro Radios I made a few years back and this is what you get:

  • 6 Radios of different styles
  • Land impact of 4 each
  • They are Modify/Transfer so you can change the styling to suit and use on ANY land
  • They come with a selection of stations preloaded and for a few Lindens you can sign up for a music streaming service which will give you access to hundreds of stations
  • They can be used on land owned by a landlord – simply deed the radio – please read the instructions that come with the pack
  • The group is only available for 14 days so you’ll need to be quick if you are not already a member or you’ve accidentally deleted the gift😦
  • Join the group in store

You can also pick up the equivalent COPY/MOD version in store which can only be used on land you own personally and so they are totally FREE!!

Look out for more radio styles in store over the coming weeks.

Have fun!!!

Blog Retro Radio JET

Spring Is On Its Way

lincoln flowers_025

The days are getting longer and sometimes even in England the sun makes an appearance despite the cold! If you’re getting ready to move your parcel landscaping from winter to spring there are lots of potted plants for you to choose from in my in-world store. The plants shown here are a mixture of those available at my RFL Home & Garden store which will be open until 6th March.

There are a variety of styles to choose from to suit your decor. Plus there are more flowers and plants to buy at my main store.

So what are you waiting for? I’ve finished my RL spring clean and am moving onto tidying things in-world too!

Happy planting❤


Donation Items For RFL Home & Garden Expo 2016

Cove Egg Chairs 2

The Donation items created by each merchant are an important fund raiser for the Relay for Life Home & Garden Expo. All of the sales from these items go into the RFL fund.

I have two donation sets which are available for the duration  of the Expo and are priced at Continue reading

New Release For RFL Homes & Garden Expo!

lincoln cove 18

To say that getting ready for each year’s Relay For Life Home & Garden Expo is a mammoth task is a gross understatement. So thanks to all of the organisers for getting things set up and ready and still managing to stay friendly and sane at the end of it!

The Expo runs from February 14th to March 6th and as well as myself as a Gold Sponsor there are 9 sims stuffed with top brand names, breedables and fantastic goodies for you to pick up. See their website for a full list of participating merchants.

The house featured in the photo is Lincoln COVE Cottage, the new, blonder sister cottage of Lincoln Beach. There is also a little something for Group Members so please read on… Continue reading


stardust blog

‘The man who fell to Earth returns to the stars…’

I’ve borrowed the quote above from one of the blogs I follow ‘The Nerds of Color’ who have an interesting post on Bowie’s wider influence.

Continue reading

Goodbye 2015

coyaba river island Happy New 2015_010

As years go I will be glad to see the back of 2015. Not only was it a stupidly busy year on all manner of fronts it also saw the end to more than one close relationship, the type you always believe you can rely on and then find out Continue reading

Group Gift Released ~ Merry Christmas!

Group Gift Dec 2015_017

December’s Group Gift has just been released to the in-world group MOCO HOMES Emporium, You can join via the store or search for the group.

This is a simple addition to your Holiday decor and is fully and easily customisable. It is 100% Mesh, with select accessories which will Continue reading