My Kitely Store Is Now Closed



I have decided to close down my Kitely store as I no longer have the time to produce more products for sale. Plus the Kitely metaverse is very different to the SL one in that there is a lot more tweaking of products required before they are ready for the Kitely Marketplace and I simply don’t have enough hours in the day to do everything!

In truth I didn’t spend much time in Kitely, either in the store, building or exploring. It’s a quiet place which doesn’t seem to have grown that much since I joined a couple of years ago.

Thanks to all my Kitely customers and you can of course still find me at the following locations in Second Life:


Just Released! New Suitcase Decór Set


I’ve just released a new set of suitcases on the Marketplace and in-world for just 99L. You can see the suitcases and different fabric styles at the Woodland Multi Season Cottage, Lincoln Cove and Valley Cottage.

You get three suitcase sets designed to be used as furniture decor.

They can be used as Continue reading

Mini Christmas Grotto Now Open


I have just opened a small Christmas Grotto at the in-world store, where you will be able to see the winter/Christmas version of the popular Woodland Hut.

You can also pick up whilst you’re there; Continue reading

Love Trumps Hate


I am British not American but still feel shocked. Elegance, sophistication, charm, wit and intelligence leaves the White House to be replaced by what? Bigotry, hatred, misogyny, greed, corruption, viciousness and self interest.

In times like this I like to think that a picture or pictures say a thousand words.

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Group Gift Released!


The Firenze Classical Gazebo has finally been released and it’s free for all Group Members. The gift has already been sent out to existing group members so if you’ve missed it just join/re-join the group and then head to notices to download it. It will be available as usual for 14 days and then it will disappear as a free gift. The Gazebo pack will go on sale shortly after the Group pick up period has ended so be quick!!!

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Group Gift Coming Soon!


After a very busy time in RL I have managed to carve out some time to pull together the next group gift. Yay!  It’s a classically designed Gazebo with a re-sizer and you will be able to change the colour accents to match your own décor. It comes with a matching assortment of planters and roses. Continue reading

Lincoln Cove ~ Extra Textures

lincoln textures_009

Due to popular demand Lincoln Cove now comes with a choice of 2 different external textures. When you buy this cottage you will find these extra textures in the Lincoln Cove Extras box. Continue reading

Another Goodbye….Adieu Prince…..


It was sad to hear of another pop icon passing away with Prince’s recent departure. I hope I don’t have to do any more tributes to musical icons or anyone else this year but you never know, life can be very unpredictable. First Bowie, now Prince…. Continue reading

Atlantis Lava Beach … Now with a pool!

Atlantis Lava Beach Pool Cottage _031

The Atlantis Lava Beach Cottage set now comes with its own swimming pool! This has just been added to the House Only pack and will be added to the House & full decor set very soon. The plan is then to also to add it to the other cottage in the Atlantis range giving you full choice of which one to buy. You can pick one up at the store or on the Marketplace. Continue reading

Ooops … Retro Radio Update

Radio update 3
Firstly an apology to all group members. I sent the Retro Radios out to everyone with inaccessible instructions, sorry about that…. But a big thanks to those community spirited members who got in touch to let me know something was badly amiss, appreciated.

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Customer Notice…. I Am Away

NEW Moco Homes!_017

I will be away from Second Life for the next few days at least with no access to pick up any SL IMs or notecards. As most IMs don’t get through in any case if you do have a customer query please see below;

  • If you have a question about your new home – Please take a look at the online manuals which will answer most initial queries and are translatable
  • If you need a redelivery – If you bought the cottage at the store please go to one of the terminals and follow the options to request a redelivery. If you bought it on the Marketplace please contact me by email (see below for the details)
  • For everything else – please send an email or use the blog contact form

I will get back to you as soon as I can and please be patient as I will also be travelling so my access to the internet may be a little intermittent!

Have fun!

NEW Moco Homes!_006

Group Gift Released ~ 6 Fabulous Retro Radios

Blog Retro Radio Group

This month’s group gift is a set of six mesh Retro Radios for you to enjoy.

They are the updated versions of the Retro Radios I made a few years back and this is what you get: Continue reading

Spring Is On Its Way

lincoln flowers_025

The days are getting longer and sometimes even in England the sun makes an appearance despite the cold! If you’re getting ready to move your parcel landscaping from winter to spring there are lots of potted plants for you to choose from in my in-world store. The plants shown here are a mixture of those available at my RFL Home & Garden store which will be open until 6th March.

There are a variety of styles to choose from to suit your decor. Plus there are more flowers and plants to buy at my main store.

So what are you waiting for? I’ve finished my RL spring clean and am moving onto tidying things in-world too!

Happy planting ❤