Favourite Kitely Destinations

Tao Lia Islands in Kitely

A month or so back I started my exploration of Kitely destinations and came across Tao Lia, a truly beautiful collection of sims, created around a series of dreamy themes. This is an inspiring, serene and interesting place to visit and highly recommended, whichever metaverse you are from!

Unlike the numerous wonderful destinations in Second Life (often limited to just one or two sims) Kitely destination creators have the advantage of using their low cost 16 sims to create their vision in exactly the way they want and this is what Shenn Tao has done to great effect at Tao Lia.

In fact the whole place is so vast it is very easy to lose all sense of where you are on the map, although the transitions between the connected but subtly changing locations are seamless. The opening image is of a vast ocean, pitted with boats and alien shaped constructions, perfectly balanced by a myriad of slowly floating, forms, plants and lights. The floaty, ethereal nature of these, really creates a perfect dreamy, other worldly quality which is subtly intoxicating.

It was very reminiscent in parts (maybe deliberately, although I’m not sure) of the Living Forest at the heart of the film ‘Avatar’ which is why I chose this purple, mauve and lilac inspired wind light.

But what I really loved about it (apart from the many well constructed regions) were the innumerable places for lovers to have the whole place to themselves. There are many secret places with cuddles, mini forests with love poses, dreamy boats, small buildings, mystical looking islands and beaches, all accessible via a simple teleport system, often shaped as plants or books.

I loved the idea of 2 ex-pat Second Life lovers discovering somewhere in another metaverse that was quiet, secluded and private, with practically 16+ sims all to themselves! It’s something to ponder on and something I may be taking advantage of as Valentine’s day approaches…

Tao Lia In Kitely

Tao Lia Destination