Second Life Viewer 2 Rant….. : )

I’m sorry to have to jump on the ‘I hate Viewer 2’ band wagon when so much work seems to have gone into setting  it up, promoting it, marketing and shoring it up. Plus see later on for an my thoughts on the Emerald debacle….

But…. I do hate Viewer 2 not because I want to but because I’ve tried to use it many times and each time it gets no better. It has been said many times before, if it’s so ‘intuitive’ why do I need to go to an island, read a manual, read threads, send in multiple support tickets just to be able to use it? Economic history is littered with the detritus of businesses that have gone under because they failed to listen to their customers. Linden Lab is following a time honoured tradition of almost completely ignoring it’s customer base to follow it’s own internal agenda probably because someone somewhere in the company needs to save face and now it’s much harder to say….um actually yes we need to do some more work. Despite LL’s own posts showing a ‘70%’ yes vote for Viewer 2 which seems to be how can I say ‘dishonest’ the vast majority find Viewer 2 counter intuitive, cumbersome and difficult to use. As a content creator I would love to experiment with the new media possibilities but this on it’s own isn’t enough to compensate for;

  • The terrible way the camera is set up …why couldn’t it just be like it was before? It now takes longer to get anything done
  • The lack of sensitivity with the camera zoom. This makes it difficult to detailed work or in fact any building work comfortably
  • The fact that I always revert to the clothes I wore when I downloaded viewer 2
  • The terrible dark intrusive colours
  • The reduced viewing area
  • The reduced screen when the UI jumps out
  • The difficulty in finding even the most simple of functions….where are ‘highlight transparent’, and ‘tools’ why can’t I see peoples profiles and so on and on and on
  • Why are the menu bars top and bottom so big anyway

To keep trumpeting Viewer 2 as a great step forward really is an insult, we are not that dumb. We know you’ve set it up to drive more revenue for yourselves, nothing wrong with that you are a business but the mistake has been to create something that works for LL but to the detriment of those who helped make SL what it is today. Companies do go under when they consistently ignore their customers’ views just take a look at the other failed online businesses. So here’s a suggestion for LL (I know… I know they don’t read these or take any notice of us but here goes); take a long look at why Emerald is so popular, maybe it’s the better resolution, maybe it’s the extra functionality supporting builders and creators, maybe it’s the nice to haves like shadows, bouncing boobs and radar, maybe LL could learn from the best that’s out there and use the best to build a better Viewer 2. Maybe….

I know some people like it and good luck to them but I would be interested to hear anyone else’s views….viewer 2 is it good, bad or just plain ugly?

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And now to make matters worse something has happened to Emerald the popular 3rd party viewer…WTF….what is going on!!!! So many people have been relying on Emerald as a viable alternative to Viewer 2 and their viewer of choice for their Second Life lives and adventures. It’s popular with creators like myself because of the extra functionality it offers and of course lots of yummy social extras such as radar. All of these are things Emerald users take for granted and make Second Life that little bit more bearable. Now Emerald have been banned from the list of 3rd party viewers and have to commit to completing a long list of amendments to their viewer or accept they will never be listed as an acceptable 3rd party viewer again. I don’t know about you but this sounds like a disaster not just to them but for anyone else who uses Emerald.

I had did have a look at Imprudence and on my PC the texture rezzing was really abysmal so have reverted back to Snowglobe which makes all textures look great but has no extras. I’ve no idea how Emerald managed to get themselves into this situation (which I do confess to not understanding entirely…it was some technical computer thing) but they have not only let themsleves down (how stupid), all their many followers down…..and me….WTF am I supposed to use now!!!!!