I Need A New Mesh Body… Part 2

I recently posted my thoughts on SLink’s new Physique Mesh body and came to the conclusion that I would wait until I could finally get the exact mesh body I have yearned for…. Quite a few people got in touch saying maybe the critique would be a bit fairer if I’d actually bought a ‘Physique’…

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I Need A New Mesh Body?

I was very excited to learn of the launch of the new SLink mesh body Physique and the introduction of the new default mesh avatars released by Second Life. However I soon felt quite disappointed and was also reminded of the old adage ….that I should be careful of what I wish for…. Excitedly, I hot…

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More Beach Huts!…Romantic Oceanside Cuddles….

….And here are the new versions of my new Beach Hut one in slightly distressed, weather beaten white with emerald, lilac and cream textures and the other in Jade Green! They look great by the ocean and come with the same great cuddles and animations. Texture change floor and open and close blinds plus romantic lighting and float…

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Bouncing Boobs & Bits Second Life

This video shows the ‘Jessica Lyon’ Bouncing Boob wearable in action, there are plenty of others to choose from….read on for more details….

Bouncing Boobs Phoenix Second Life
You Can’t See It ….But They Are Bouncing Here!

I could not let this moment pass by without saying a few words about the new Avatar Physics on the latest version of Phoenix.