Second Life Summers

Matching Chairs, Light & Extra Cushions

If, like me you live in the Northern Hemisphere (Good Ole UK in my case) then there is a strong feeling that winter is now behind us and summer is on her way. All the spring flowers are out, looking pretty and very soon I will be able to switch off all my heating as well. Yes folks, that’s how cold England is!!!!

So I’ve been busy making new outdoor furniture which has been proving very popular. Second Life draws many people in and gets them to stay because it can look and feel so beautiful. Get the landscaping right on your virtual plot or island and set to sunset….it can look breathtaking. One of the things I loved about Second Life when I first joined was the control you had over your whole environment…you want mountains, create your own, want a beach make one, want more sunshine and sea haze, easy. If only Real Life was that contollable….what’s that you’re saying… a control freak…  : )

If you’re not a Second Life resident then you should know that it can be summer all year round if that’s what you want. No seasons just reasons to be sunny!

So to get the most out of the Marquees I’ve just created set to sunset, switch on your Intan and virtually dance the night away! This one is in natural wicker and you can buy online at the SL Marketplace or in store. See the links to the right to get to my shop on Saint Lucia. There are 4 different colours which I will be adding in the next couple of days!

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Dance Under The Canopy
Texture Change Floor