This Blog Is Dedicated To My Second Life Home Design Store Plus Random Musings On The Metaverse.

Moco Scribe (my avatar) spends her in world time making 3d cottages and furniture for avatars in Second Life and in other virtual worlds. Each build is created to the highest quality, with beautiful textures, styling, and architectural details.

Most of my products and cottages are on this blog, somewhere…so feel free to rummage around. If you’re short on time visit my online store, where it is easy to view and buy via the SL Marketplace, just click HERE to buy online.

If you’re old school and prefer to shop in world  come and take a look at my new main store at Coyaba River Island! You’ll find me in store from time to time putting out new goods, chatting to friends and customers. Even if you don’t shop, just come to chill out. There are plenty of ocean views, places to sit, relaxing ambient sounds. trees, gardens and cuddles. I often see people quietly sitting around mulling things over or just listening to music, it’s all good!

Hope to see you in store soon,


Moco ❤