Wardrobe Additions!

The dress comes with red and gold arm ribbons and a sheer bodice if you want to be a little more modest....I took it off for this picture and wanted to show the full extent of the swishes and swirls. Underneath is a deep red damask chaise inspired by one of my customers!

I thought that it was about time that I updated my wardrobe and by chance a friend recommended adiva….well what a great recommendation! Adiva make dream couture dresses of brilliant artistry and quality. If you’re looking for a dress with drama, floatiness and romance adiva is the place…oh and don’t forget to take your metacard as it’s huge. Probably best to go with a girlfriend and make an afternoon of it and arrange somewhere nice to go after coffee to make the most of your new gowns! Below are a couple of pictures showcasing the work that adiva do and you can find more on my Second Life wardrobe pages!  

Also, the photos were taken in my new photo studio so if you’re looking for a new profile portrait or some fine art let me know. All the chaises shown are in my Saint Lucia store except for the pink padded one….if there’s enough demand I may try and find a spot for that one too!

If you’d like any of my furniture in a different colour please let me know as customers do request particular colours or fabric types for furnishings they really like. And if I can help of course I will…normally if  it’s just a change to the colours or textures then there is no extra charge!

Have fun and hope to see you in world very soon!

This amazing deep red floaty dress by adiva has strong Asian influences and moves so beautifully. I call this my 'Salome' dress full of enticing, wicked promise!