Second Life Double Standards

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The Old Secret Garden At Whispering Winds Romance

Earlier in the year I closed the doors on my Honeymoon and Romance Sim Whispering Winds after business had started to slow down during the recession. I still had my regular visitors and new couples coming to visit but that just wasn’t enough to justify keeping it going. I started to promote it on the SL Marketplace giving people lots of information for 0L. Suddenly, one day I noticed it was no longer listed despite being very very popular and when I queried it with SL they said that it was because I had ‘violated’ their T&Cs i.e. had advertised on the Marketplace. What they meant was that I was promoting a service for which there was nothing to buy, nothing in exchange just pure advertising. So it was never going to be allowed. That was the final push to get things closed down.

Then, to my surprise and extreme annoyance I notice none other than Anshe Chung or someone acting for her or masquerading as her doing the exact same thing and guess what this has been going on for while. So much for SL being a level playing field for all its residents. I was really really pissed off and set them a snotty support note to ask what they were going to do about if anything…..

Last year I was asked to remove a Marketplace listing that violated the Marketplace T&Cs because I was promoting a Honeymoon Sim for rental for 0L. This was apparently advertising as there was no purchase involved. I then noticed today that Anshe Chung has done the exact same thing advertising numerous sims for 0L on the marketplace and they have been there for a while. Is it one rule for one person and another for the mega rich land owners. Not exactly a fair playing field is it? I will also post this and you answer on my blog to see what others think as I closed down my sim after that Marketplace intervention. I would be interested in your comments and what you’re going to do about a blatant violation. No doubt my own inworld business will be nobbled as a result (again) because I’ve raised this (see my next support ticket).

I’ve not heard anything back as yet but will keep you posted. Has anyone else had a similar issue or noticed any other discrepancies? SL are really starting to piss me off again, they’ve learnt nothing from the viewer 2 fiasco and have now taken the blog comments off the front page of the website so now any moaning (genuine or otherwise) has to be done underground or subversively on people’s blogs. In the 2.5 years I’ve been in world NOTHING has changed for the better. Things still look crap, there’s still lag, you still have to wait for things to rez, builders tools are no better, voice is rubbish…..moan, moan, moan. Sorry but having a ‘why can’t SL be better for its paying customers day’ : )) I’d love to know what other people think though.

Phoenix Viewer Second Life

PS: An update on the Phoenix Viewer: I started a poll in world and via the website. Out of the 200 or so people who voted in total the most popular viewers are:

  1. Phoenix – 42%

  2. Viewer 2 – 24%

  3. Imprudence – 10%

  4. Old SL Viewer – 7%

  5. SnowGlobe – 6%

  6. Other 3rd Party – 6%

  7. Still Use Emerald – 2% ??? Not sure if that’s possible!

  8. Non Approved 3rd Party – 1%

So there you are now you know that around 58% of those regularly in world do not use the official SL Viewer….there’s a surprise! It will be interesting to see how things or if things change over the next year if I’m still inworld.