The End Of Love & Romance

The Last Waltz
After more than 2 years of running my Love, Romance & Honeymoon sim I’ve some sad news….sob…in that I’ve just closed down operations. The economic recession seems to have affected Cupid too and over the last 6 months fewer people have been staying on the islands and when they have stayed they’ve only stayed for 1 or 2 days and have not extended. It’s sad as the islands were very beautiful (so I’ve been told) and those who did stay there seemed to love it there. Both islands were equally popular but very different, But there’s no reason to be too sad as when you pack up in Second Life everything comes with you….all the trees, plants, birds, seal-life, waterfalls rocks….hell even the waves. So although I wouldn’t set up any more Romance Islands in the future when I get my own full sim I’ll have plenty of lovely plants, critters and ambient sounds to recreate a virtual paradise. So for those of you who never got the chance to stay there here is some of what you missed!

Red Rose’s Secret Garden.
Passion red field of poppies at Red Rose Cottage Whispering Wind. This island is available for hire for honeymoons and romantc retreats….