BlueBelle’s Baby Sister

A smaller version of BlueBelle Cottage
Windlight Wonder

The new range of cottages have proved popular and I’ve been really glad that people like them. However a few people have asked for a smaller version of BlueBelle for more modest parcels so here she is, Lavender Cottage.

It’s based on the Riverside and BlueBelle Cottage templates but obviously with a different colour way, hence the name. The layout inside is also different, it makes more of the upstairs space but with an overall smaller footprint. It has a distinct coastal cottage feel and I will be adding some nautical type accessories over the next few weeks.

The other main difference, is that Lavender comes with flower boxes, a log based fire and a mini, lawned front garden ready for all your own prim and sculpted plants.

So what’s she got that’s so hot?

  • Just 215 prims
  • Copy/Mod
  • Faux Rezzer
  • Comes with plants, mini garden and extra platform, oh and outdoor lights
  • Suit plots of around 400m

Plus, all the usual features;

  • Locakable doors
  • Texture change, walls, floors and blinds.
  • The windows have various privacy options in the form of closed blind textures. That way the neighbours won’t be able to see what you’re up to!

See at the Ven River store (links to the left) and it will be on sale very soon once I get the sales pack finalised and the snagging finished : ))

In the meantime here are some more pics, shadows and Windlight courtesy of Firestorm.