Low Shareta Osumai Wooden Table & Hot Steamy Rice Bowls

I’ve been spending time thinking what may work in a home in Kagero but as I don’t have one it’s been more difficult to design for, so if anyone would be able to lend me their Kagero home for a couple of days…..let me know 🙂

Here’s a small sample of some of the Shareta Osumai range I’ve been developing which can be found at my Saint Lucia store and on my outdoor furniture store Emily island. Hope to see you in world soon!

Kagero Day Bed/Couch With Multiple Anims & Mountain Silk Screen
Shareta Osumai Wooden & Copper Fire, Basketweave Mat & White Flowers
More Steaming Bowls of Rice, Chopsticks & Table Mats
This Shareta Furniture Set Is Approx 75 Prims (Bed, Rug, Cushions, candles, Screens, Flower, Rice Bowls etc)