Tahoe Linden Homes…Just Moved In!

A very happy New Year to everyone! I hope you have a great 2011. In fact I hope the whole world has a great 2011 as we all stand on the edge of precipice…potential wars everywhere, swine flu on the rise, the continuing economic crisis extremists of every hue going mad, floods, famines and the return of epic snow in Britain. Anyway we still have our virtual retreats to hide in if the going gets tough. And in Secondlife anything is possible. Buy your island fabulous island, build a fabulous mansion, run your fabulous business. You can meet the man or woman of your dreams, well as long as your Real World partner doesn’t find out!       

Not only is anything possible in SL but you can also buy anything in Second Life as well and I mean ANYTHING. I would like to conduct a little experiment and if anyone can find something that can’t be bought in world or on the Marketplace please let me know. So far I’ve looked for and found hair curlers, bottled water, a solar panel (which I bought), an electricity generator and so on. Bizarre and beautiful that’s SL. I even saw someone advertising some sculpty sticking plasters the other day……they were pretty good and realistic but why???

Apart from bemoaning the state of planet I’ve been spending time designing for the Tahoe Linden Home and trying to cram as much furniture as possible into 117 prims and it is possible. Here are some extra design tips to help you make the most of the limited space.

  • Make the most of lighting. You may only be able to get in one or two lamps so no need to choose the ugliest one prim lamp going choose the best looking pieces you can find that make the most of good textures and design. If you create pictures or have modify options on any paintings or prints be sure to switch on the lighting option under ‘features’ in edit. Use the default settings if you’re unsure of what you’re doing as these will work just as well. One thing you could change though is the light colour which is the box next to the Lighting section. Warm oranges and yellows work well but make sure you lighten the shade for the best mood lighting. In the pictures below you will see a specially created Tahoe platform (for the Cedar style home) which has this light option switched on. That way your space is lit without the need for extra lighting and saves on valuable prims.
  • Make the most of free stuff in your library. You will find a whole bunch of lovely looking stuff free from Linden Labs in your inventory Library including some not bad 1 prim plants. Plants are great for filling up space and with the right pots can make quite a statement and help to make your virtual house a virtual home
  • Try to stick to coordinated pieces whether that be coordinated colours, textures or themes. Nothing looks worse than a jumble of themes or colours in prefabs. Have a wander round your locality and take some pics of the places you like the look. Or visit my store (see links on the right) or the new Tahoe Show Home in Scotch Broom (where do they get these names, is there such a place in the real Tahoe?). Here’s the SLurl to get there or use the links on the right. http://slurl.com/secondlife/scotch%20broom/240/21/42/?title=Tahoe%20Show%20House&msg=Welcome%20To%20Moco%20Emporium%20Tahoe%21
  • Have a signature piece of furniture or an accessory that will make the room, in the pictures below you will see that I’ve used sculpty stairs that help to create a focal point and fill up some space
  • Don’t forget to leave some free prims for rezzing poseballs especially for intan or cuddle/sex beds
  • The trees/plants in the pictures are free from LL and are just one prim and create a nice woodland sort of feel, collect as many Linden freebies as you can!

You can buy the Tahoe platform in the store or at the show home and if you would like to discuss any customised work to suit your needs please get in touch! Have fun, love and laughter in both worlds. Moco xxx

Tahoe Cuddle Bed, With Built In On/Off Lights, Plus Fully Animated Bath With Steam Bathing & Lovely Textures!A Deep Russet Colour!
Detail of the Tahoe Bed

View of the stairs and platform
Tahoe Cuddle Couch & Chaise Longue