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The Store Expansion Story Continues!

These great beach/decking chairs are FREE for subscribers - see in store.


This is the second post in the update on my new expanded store…the previous post was yesterday so I am catching up on my blogging! SL seems very quiet at the moment and there also seems to be an under current of dissatisfaction (again). A lot to do with the new SL viewer which is terrible, the feeling that SL doesn’t listen to those who helped make it a success and all the new things being introduced seemingly designed to make things more awkward for the residents not better. The changes to script limits, rumours that you will have to pay for your inventory, problems over the accuracy of traffic counts, persistent problems with lagginess and getting no response from the ‘support’ desk! Apart from that it’s great!  

I still love the creativity of it all but sense that that will change. However so as long as I can continue to create and people like what I do I’ll remain as a resident for now.  

Anyway enough gloom…have a look at some of the new things that you can find in store (use the links to the left to get there) and as always if you want something in a different colour or whatever let me know!!  

Hot Pink Antique Chaise...Comes With Matching Couch & Cushions.


Hot Pink Detail. All couches/chaises etc have multiple sit animations.


Hot Pink Cushion Detail.


Hot Pink Couch


Antique bath on a wooden plinth, low wooden bath table and a fern in a copper pot.


These Free for subscribers chairs have male and female sit animations.


This gorgeous golden yellow Tiki Raft is now available from the Saint Lucia Store.


Golden yellow raft detail.


The rental office is still there just in a new location. Tahoe type camp set in the foreground.

5 thoughts on “The Store Expansion Story Continues! Leave a comment

  1. That Hot Pink is the bomb! so loving that out of all the others you`ve choosen to showcase. Great artwork here its almost hard to tell if i`m looking at a image or the real thing.

  2. That is a genius piece of work! i`m not just saying that either, pink (espcially hot and fushia) are my all time favorite colors. My bedroom is loaded with pink this and that I actually think i`m obsessed with the shade. Your welcome I always give credit where credit is due, keep up the good work – stop by and see us sometime as well.

  3. Thanks for the compliment, come on by and comment if you will always great to see a new face or two. Yeah they wasted alot of money never know what is going through their heads at time. Maybe they get so excited with their accounts that they literally dont know what to do. Back to your blog i`ll be checking it out regularlly, eye candy is not just models its designers and anything else that appeals.

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