Red Asian Lodge – Now On Sale At Ven River!

I’m sure you will love the new Orient inspired sumptuous Red Asian House. It’s on 2 levels and is stuffed full of high quality furnishings and goodies. I’m sure you will love it almost as much as I loved making it. I have to say though that as I don’t spend so much time in world these days it took a long time to pull together….a long long time! So what will get for your hard earned Lindens?

You will have all the usual quality that goes into all of my builds, each prim and sculpt lovingly tended, shaped and textured. A range of gorgeous floor, blinds, door and light textures, including a separate flooring option for the bedroom. A copy/modify quality build so that you can adjust the number of prims or the style to suit your needs! A smoking chimney, lockable doors (though not sure why you would need them) and a modifiable outdoor platform with on/off lights and an ornamental pool.  Feast your eyes on the pictures and find out more details (furniture pack etc) by following this link.

Warm Brown Leather Sofas
View of the house at sunset and the outdoor platform
Book cabinet with books included plus extra candles for your more serious thoughtful moments…
Old world dresser with plates and cups which matches the aga and the bookcase
Black iron fronted Aga with working on/off fire, with crackling sounds and flames. On the top a pan of stew, pea soup, Scouse, Hot Pot, Bean stew or whatever takes your fancy!
Cuddle bed with 7 animated cuddles, texture change (red and gold theme) and in built lamps. The bed matchs the salon stool and the Modesty screen for us in the bedroom
View from the bed where you can see in the background the chandelier over the stairwell, gilded mirror and books