Sakia’s Cottage

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I often get asked to visit customer’s homes after they’ve bought one of my cottages. I get invited mainly to hang out, share their excitement and so that they can showcase their landscaping and decorating prowess. It is always an honour to be invited and I love having a look around. I never fail to get new ideas and it’s always fascinating seeing someone else’s reinterpretation of one of my own creations.

This time I thought that I would share the work that Sakia has done to bring Valley Cottage to life after she commissioned me to finally get it ready for sale. I think that she has done a great job with the house and her plot and shows what can be done with flair and imagination even if you don’t have masses of land.

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I particularly loved the way she added a cool and inviting swimming pool to the back patio which has made great use of the space and works seamlessly. So well in fact that I plan to steal the idea and create a pool as an add on, just give me a week or two and it will be ready to buy at the store and on the marketplace.

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Sakia also used the Summerhouse that comes with Valley Cottage as an ‘open style’ conservatory. Again, this works really well and she’s filled it with plants from my store and elsewhere. The Summerhouse is separate to the house so can be placed anywhere near or far for maximum impact.

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The sofas and decor in her cosy living room are from another creator although you can pick up some Moco Emporium furniture at my main store. I tend to concentrate on building houses, summer houses, bridges, lighting etc but may create more sofas, tables, lamps etc if time permits. If you want to keep updated on the latest release please follow this blog!

However I won’t be making any cats …… although Sakia’s cat was kinda cute, following me around, miaowing sweetly and playing with his/her ball.

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This bistro table set is available from the store and the chairs come with texture change seats (just touch to change). Choose to have them all with the same design or create a mix and match feel as Sakia has done here. The table and table cloth come in ivory but are modifiable which means you can easily tint them to match your decor.

If any other customers would like to showcase their homes just get in touch and I will gladly hop round with my camera for a photoshoot and a cup of tea!

Where To Buy

Moco Emporium ~ Ven River

The SL Marketplace

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