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FOX Cottage For Sale

fox cottage accessories_001
Free benches, rugs, lights, ambient sounds and more!

Phew! She’s finally finished so that’s me done for a while on buildings. I will now turn my attention to the winter add ons and the furniture packs I’ve been meaning to do for a while. That will give me more opportunity to hone my Mesh building skills.

Fox Cottage Facts & Figures

Well she’s gorgeous!!! If you like woodlands or forest settings I think you will definitely like this one….well I hope so!

Land Impact 162


Texture Change (hundreds of options)


Includes a whole bunch of accessories (101 Land Impact )

  • Mesh Chandeliers
  • Outdoor benches
  • Outdoor Porch Lamp
  • Ambient Lighting
  • Ambient Sounds
  • Working Fire
  • Free radio
  • Other lights and rugs


Buy on the Second Life Marketplace

Or In-world at Ven River


See these previous posts for lots more information and photos

Part Mesh

I know it’s really boring but please read the manual and always take a copy of your house. The Ops Manual does really help and may prevent a lot of worry!

Mesh builds work differently to standard prims so if you wish to modify make sure you have a good understanding of what happens when you start to dismantle mesh builds. If unsure use the links below for more insight and tips which may prevent a lot of crying over ruined cottages : (

Other than that enjoy the new addition and have fun!!!

Your Own Radio
Your Own Radio

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