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Sitting Pretty

new desk_006 New desk Set _026

A mesh new desk set is now available to buy in store. There are standard menu driven multi sits in the chair and both the chair and desk have a click through texture for the seat and the table top. So no more mismatching furniture as they both have around 20+ texture change options, some of which are shown in these photos.

New desk Set _024

You will notice on the desk some blank books. This is deliberate, one because I’ve left them empty to inspire you into writing your own masterpieces (you don’t have to show them to anyone if you don’t want to!) and secondly well they are blank due to basic laziness on my part. In any case I really was going for a nice semi distressed but rustic clean French Provincial look as though some fabulous French artisan had created them overnight.

new desk_007

You can get matching single picture frames which are copy/mod so perfect for your own photos/artwork. A lamp with on/off switch, mini topiary (recycled from the garden) and some square hat boxes.

All are low land impact and even better low cost!

See the links for the in-world store.

The house shown in these photos is Woodvale Cottage

new desk_010


And also in Pewter (see Fox Cottage in-world)

Pewter Desk_005


Pewter Desk_004

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