Inventory Meme

Inventory meme_002

I have decided to take up Strawberry Singh’s Meme Challenge and took a quick peek at my inventory. As a Second Life designer and builder I’m usually too frightened to look at my inventory total so there were some surprises …so here goes!

1) What is your current inventory number? –  A measly 40,000….where’s all the rest? I have been too slovenly to keep a track on things and now I’m seriously thinking stuff has gone missing…drifted off into some SL server somewhere. Something similar happened before and when I cleared my caches, objects I never knew I had started to appear in my old store in random places; a grand piano hovering mid air, an enormous bushy oak tree on the second floor, a motorbike an old flame gave me in the sea and so on.

2) If you had to delete your whole inventory and could only keep one thing, what would it be?My LAQ Imani skins with make-up and hair bases. I bought the skins a few years ago and even though I’ve tried many others none really compare for realism or luminosity for me. The make up in these pics though is by Noya. I love their make-up ranges. As long as you have decent skin you can leave the house, everything else is secondary.  Unbelievably I still see avis with totally matte 2006 skin – why????

3) What is the last thing you purchased? – This romper suit from FLG which was an unbelievable 69L or something around that. A total bargain and well made!

4) Which item do you wear most often? – This is a bit tricky as it is not just one thing. My LAQ skin & cleavage enhancer of course and this 40’s style hair, at the moment.

5) When you search for the word penis, how many items pop up? (NO LYING!) – Imagine my disappointment to discover there were none, zilch. I’m not sure if this is a good thing or not. I have bought penises before though, so to speak. I bought a selection from different creators for my RL fella to persuade him to come in world more often. It worked for a while but then in world attendance started to droop badly, it was a big let down, but that’s *cough* a WHOLE other story : P

Inventory meme_008
My Slink nails and hand animation are looking a bit clunky here so need to get that fixed!