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FOX Cottage Garden FATPACK For Sale

Fox Cottage Garden For Sale 1a

The Fox Cottage garden FATPACK is now ready to buy in world or via the Marketplace. A few people have asked if it is going to be available via MP and  it is now available online as well to make things easier.

This FATPACK saves 30% on the price of the individual items and comes with the benefit of a texture change HUD to save you time with your gardening including summer and winter texture options. So you can now indulge in a seasonal garden pack that will also match your decor or changing moods without all those back breaking hours of digging, planting and weeding 🙂

Fox Cottage Garden Facts & Figures

This beautifully maintained garden was created to complement Fox Cottage but will suit any medium to small sized house.

Land Impact Variable ~ but initial rez is 120

Copy Plus Some Copy/Mod Extras

Texture Change (hundreds of options)

  • Choose from numerous texture options which include summer and snowy winter options
  • The items which are changeable via the HUD are copy only but you get extra copy/mod items such as trees, fencing etc to help you with your gardening
  • The HUD attaches to the top left of your screen or you can rez and use it as a garden controller (LI + 30)
  • The HUD is owner controlled only
  • It comes with a rezzer to help with the initial placement
  • The total FATPACK LI = 120 but this is variable and includes trees, furniture, ground cover, flowers, plants, a snow maker, ambient sounds and loads more

FULL Details via the Marketplace or instore

Buy on the Second Life Marketplace

Or In-world at Ven River

See these previous posts for lots more information and photos

100% Mesh

Mesh builds work differently to standard prims so if you wish to modify make sure you have a good understanding of what happens when you start to dismantle mesh builds. If unsure use the links below for more insight and tips which may prevent a lot of crying  😦

Other than that enjoy sitting in the garden and have fun!!!

fox cottage garden 19a fox cottage garden for sale_005 fox cottage garden for sale_004

3 thoughts on “FOX Cottage Garden FATPACK For Sale Leave a comment

    • How cool! So kind thank you! I have a small gift to send you which I will do tomorrow as it’s late now in the UK to go with your garden. Any problems or if you need any help just let me know. It would be great to see some fashion shots of you in the garden too if your creativity flows in that direction ! Thanks again and hugzzz

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