Cottage Garden

Fox Garden_042

Fox Garden_061

I have just created a new garden for Fox Cottage as the rear area overlooking the ocean seemed to be lacking a certain je ne sais quoi. I wanted to design something elegant and relaxing and definitely something in keeping with the relaxed New England, Scandinavian feel of the house.

I decided to create a simple lawned area dotted with garden mangers of potted plants and carefully carved topiary. All the plants are copy mod and in the next week or so there will be a winter version included in a FAT PACK.  That way you will save money and get the snowy option as well!

This garden (which would work with any of my cottages) is available at my store now as separate items but won’t be available via the Marketplace, although you can definitely buy Fox Cottage via my Marketplace store. The garden includes fences (2 sizes) and swing gates which are also copy/mod so that you can create your own garden variations.

The photos that follow give a few more details and show the garden with and without the ground cover flowers which are also included. The Windlight used is a modified version of ‘Big Fluffy Clouds’ with shadows and lighting courtesy of Singularity viewer. I’ve been pretty impressed with the Singularity viewer and although it doesn’t have all the functionality of Firestorm or Viewer 2 it is great for photographs as the ambient lighting and shadows seem to work pretty well, so maybe worth taking a look if you haven’t tried it out as yet. Enjoy your in world explorations!

Fox Garden_031

There are rounded topiary trees and pointed elegant ones of different sizes but you can of course modify the size to suit. Plus 2 types of ground cover flowers.

Fox Garden_066

Fox Garden_030

Plants and manicured topiary frame the Conservatory.

Fox Garden_056

Fox Garden_034

Swing gates and carefully maintained plants.

Fox Garden_039

View from inside the conservatory.

Fox Garden_060

Fox Garden_075