Mesh or Prim Prefab Which Is Best ? ~ Survey Results

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A few months ago I launched a survey to better understand what Second Lifers really wanted now that we all have mesh to play around with.

Although the whole of Second Life is technically built from mesh, it’s only in the last year or so that we have been able to create and import more detailed and realistic mesh builds. This has been a big learning curve not just for amateur 3d creators but for buyers as well and it has been made even more complicated by the constraints that SL imposes.

My question was prompted by a conundrum I experienced in my store. Despite all the hype around mesh cottages and low LI my best selling cottage was and still is a 100% prim build of over 200LI. The part mesh cottages sell well too but I wanted to know why the prim cottage sold better before embarking on a year long exercise of changing everything over to mesh.

Where To Start With All These Contradictory Statements?

Where To Start With All These Contradictory Statements?

Here are the results which I hope will be useful for all of Second Life’s house builders and for anyone who has an in world place they call home. There’s a mini summary next but you can see the full results via the presentation at the end of this post. I hope you find it of interest!

Survey Facts

There were 100 respondents over the last three months. I would have liked more but it is very difficult getting people to reply to any kind of survey! I’ll keep it open for a bit longer so feel free to pass the link onto your friends as the more that complete it the better for all off us!

The questions were presented in a randomised way so none of the answer options were given any particular weighting

The majority of those who took the time to respond came from the USA, followed by the UK, Germany and other European countries

Arrrgggh Need To Make Some Sense Out Of All these Answers!!

Arrrgggh Need To Make Some Sense Out Of All These Random Answers!!

Looks as though It's All Starting To Come Together

Looks As Though It’s All Starting To Come Together – As I Furtively Type Up The Results Late Into The Night

Survey Results In Summary

As expected Second Lifers are a contradictory bunch. But, the main message from a significant proportion of responders seems to be that although Land Impact is important if someone falls in love with a house, they will buy it no matter what the LI and no matter what the cost. This is good news for creators and puts the pressure back on us to come up with the goods

Quality is everything. This is real money that is changing hands and when people hand over their cash they expect a quality build in exchange. That’s quality in terms of design, architecture, texturing, materials and service. So, as long as the build meets their high expectations and represents good value residents are prepared to pay a little bit extra….but it has to be good

LI is a big issue because it equates to tier costs. Most avi’s have small plots so houses with matching furniture all at low LI are a plus

There was no overall demand for mesh builds and nothing else. Yes, that’s what a significant % want but not everyone. A home, a cottage, a loft that you love is what people want and many believe that can still be achieved with prims and with part mesh builds

Ultimately, having a mix of designs, styles, prims, mesh and sculpts is exactly what shoppers are looking for, choice. One size definitely does not fit all and that includes mesh

Don’t be shy about keeping the results to yourself, please pass on as the more feedback we get the better.

What Is It & Where To Buy It

Dress ~ Avale

Boots ~ Moscow by Redgrave

Hair ~ Truth

Bracelets & Watches ~ Gizza

All furniture and decor ~ Moco Emporium Ven River

Featured House ~  Fox Cottage available from my in-world or online stores

Typewriter prop ~ {What Next}

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Finished At Last!! Time For A Cuppa!