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PEWTER Desk & Office Set On The Marketplace

Pewter desk set_028 Pewter desk set_017

The Pewter version of the 100% mesh texture change desk/study set is now available to buy on the Marketplace. You can still view and buy it in-world, see below for more details and links:

The Details

Chair plus texture change options and multiple drink, chat and relax sits

Pewter desk with a texture change top (just touch the top of the desk, rugs and chair to ‘clic thru’ the texture options)

Wearable mug with frothy, steamy cappuccino/hot chocolate/tea/coffee/expresso delete as appropriate…copy/mod

Lamp with on/off switch

Two different piles of leather bound books plus one open book (for writing)

Picture Frames, these are copy/mod, so just select the texture at the front to add your own

Pencil holder which is also the dispenser for the mugs and pencils

Leather Hat Boxes

Rugs copy/mod

Shelves copy/mod

Total Land Impact = 20

All of the above come as individual objects, giving you full choice over your office layout

Mainly copiable with some copy/mod

Available to buy in Ivory & Pewter

See or buy at:

Woodvale Cottage

Fox Cottage

The Marketplace

Pewter desk set_029 Pewter desk set_004 Pewter desk set_025

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