Bulb Chandelier Now Available On The Marketplace

Bulb Chandelier & Chain_026

Bulb Chandelier & Chain_040a

This design led chandelier would look great in any modern house and would work equally well in the older style cottages available from my store. They are designed to create a distinctive modern focal point, whatever the setting.

This chandelier actually comes FREE as part of the decor accessory sets for Butterscotch, Fox, Pippin and Blossom Cottages.

The different windlights used in the post photos hopefully show how well the lighting options work in different settings.

What’s Included?

~ Copy/Mod

~ Tintable

~ On/Off Switch ~ Hi/Lo Light Settings

~ Ceiling Chain (optional)

~ LI = 16 (variable +/- dependent on size)

Most of the lamps and chandeliers I create use the Paskis light system which creates a warm and natural light. The lights work best at dawn, dusk and midnight. When you first unpack your light the scripts run through and activate the lighting settings.

Bulb Chandelier & Chain_003

Lighting Problems?

In the very rare circumstances that nothing happens or the light does not appear to work, please do the following:

~ Check that there are not multiple light sources very near to each other as the way SL physics works they are likely to cancel each other out

~ Also check your graphics settings in your preferences are correctly set to optimise the lighting

~ At the minimum, check that the; ambient light, local light and point lighting boxes are selected as appropriate. Note – not all viewers have the same graphic options so some experimentation may be needed to set the viewer to your optimum requirements!

~ As this is modifiable you can also ‘reset’ the scripts which should solve any lingering problems

Where To Buy

At the Ven River Store

Via the SL Marketplace!

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