Coastal Bench Set Now Available On The Marketplace


This is a white washed, slightly weather beaten wooden bench set. It comes FREE as part of the Butterscotch and Fox Cottage sets but you can now buy it on the Marketplace. It comes with a free mesh radio which is modifiable so you can either add your own stations, use the pre-set stations or sign up for a low cost streaming service with hundreds of stations.

There are 2 bench styles; one with a seat cover and the other with cushions. Both have active male and female animations and flea market/vintage textures.

What’s Included

  • Total LI = Just 28 (includes the full pack but you can choose)
  • Bench plus blanket = 3 LI
  • Bench plus cushions = 7 LI
  • Storm Lantern (in case of bad weather…)
  • Small sofa table (for your cocktails)
  • Texture Change Rug – Just touch and click through for textures
  • FREE radio – Many more styles and colours in store (all free) just visit the cottages to find them

Where To Buy

The set comes as a coalesced group so it’s easy to place, so all that’s left is for you to rez your new furniture, set the radio, pour a long cold glass of Pimms …… and relax.

Come to think of it a nice picnic hamper would look good too…. note to self ‘create a picnic set’. I hope you enjoy it!