Home & Garden Expo Cuties


The one thing I love about the RFL Homes & Garden Expo is that you can always find something cute, funny or just plain unusual and over the years I have picked up some great and wacky goods. Animals aren’t strange though in second Life, we love our critters and I was pleased to have stumbled across ArtemisGreece’s little Animal Farm in the kiosk area on Hope 3.

It is a collection of cutesome static animals, in various wacky poses including frogs, a hippo, rabbits, a tortoise etc. I loved the characters and most of what she’s selling at the Expo I think makes a contribution to the overall cause.

The duck family, also by Artemis and the large looking pachyderm were shot on location at my main store Coyaba River Island where they will stay for the duration of the Expo, so don’t be alarmed if you see them!

The expo lasts until 7th April so there is still time to get the 30% Group Discount off the new release which is on show on Hope 6.

Animal Farm_003

Animal Farm_012