Eternal Summer ~ New Release

The days are getting shorter, the breeze is cooler and summer is fast becoming a distant memory, well it is on this side of the pond! Soon we will be dusting off our autumn boots and coats and getting ready for the long chill.

However, as avis we all know that summers are literally endless in Second Life and one of the most fun things to do is to change the Windlight settings to suit our shifting moods.

You can now make summer last a little longer with an end of summer release in the form of 3 sets of beach loungers and chairs.

They are Super Low Land Impact and are available in Ivory, dark Hard wood and Pine to suit any decor and in particular to match my Atlantis Beach, Atlantis Lava Beach, Lincoln Beach and Lincoln Cove cottages

. They have built in texture change and;

  • Each chair = 5 Li and is copiable, with relaxing beach, sea and poolside sits
  • The Umbrella = 11 Li and as it is copy/mod you can reduce the land impact even further
  • Just touch the canopy or the back of the chairs to bring up the texture change menu which is stuffed full of sunny colours to keep summer alive!

Buy in-world – visit each of the cottages or on the marketplace to get the biggest discount.