Atlantis Lava Beach … Now with a pool!

Atlantis Lava Beach Pool Cottage _031

The Atlantis Lava Beach Cottage set now comes with its own swimming pool! This has just been added to the House Only pack and will be added to the House & full decor set very soon. The plan is then to also to add it to the other cottage in the Atlantis range giving you full choice of which one to buy. You can pick one up at the store or on the Marketplace.

The pool comes with sit, chat and float animations to help you to forget about everything. This is a freebie addition to the pack so you can pick it up with the cottage for the usual price.

I hope you enjoy it and look out for the cuddle version which will be coming soon as well.

Enjoy! ❤

Ps – if you have recently bought either Atlantis Cottage please contact me to get a copy of the swimming pool totally gratis, for free, for nada 🙂

Atlantis Lava Beach Pool Cottage _029


9 Thoughts

    1. Hi Honey, not yet I am working on it but will send you one anyway – did you want one for the darker Lava Beach Cottage or the original whitewash version? Look out for it in world ❤

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