Italia Vintage Bistro Chair & Table

Just Released ~ ITALIA Vintage Bistro Set 99L!

This is an elegant 100% mesh set perfect for gardens, cafés, shopping centres, greeting areas, restaurants, events and weddings. The chairs have a wide range of texture change options in many colours to suit any style .

A perfect match for the Group Gift Tea Set and cakes and just 99L!


  • Vintage Bistro Chair x 2 types one with a cushion and one without plus many active animations including drink and chat animations – LI = 6 Copy
  • Vintage Bistro table LI = 6+ C/M
  • Blue China Tea Set, includes teapot (dispensers cups), sugar bowl, milk jug, various cups and saucers LI = 7 (Teapot, cup and saucer, milk jug and sugar bowl) Copy


  • Chairs – touch the surround on the back rest of the chair to bring up the texture change menu – you can also set permissions to either everyone of owner only. The notecard option is not available. For sits just touch the base of the chair and as usual you may need to switch off your AO for maximum effect. You can adjust the seat positions and of course the table height/size
  • Teapot – this dispenses cups so ideal for cafés or anywhere you want to gather together. Select the wearable cup and once in your inventory just select ‘wear’ or ‘add’. The teapot ‘give’ script allows you to set the permissions to owner, group or everyone. That way only members of your group can get the benefit of a free cup of tea or coffee!



The table is modifiable – please not that when you increase the size of a mesh object its land impact will normally go up,  please take care when making any modifications!

Enjoy and see you in-world soon!