Group Gift Released!


Welcome to the first Moco Homes Group Gift for 2018, I really hope you enjoy it!

As it has been a while since the last gift and to celebrate the arrival of spring, this one is really special.

It is a chic, vintage inspired console table set which comes with; a matching stool, three sets of spring flowers, a typewriter and other accessories. Altogether the set comes to a lowly 19 prims/Li and the desk and the chair together only come to 5 prims/Li.

The console table set comes as a simple coalesced group so just drag from everything from your inventory and place. You need to have at least 19 prims spare but you can remove or add items as you wish once rezzed.

Collect Your Gift At The Main Store And Be Quick As It Will Only Be Available For The Next 14 days…!

~ The desk and the stool are both copy mod and so easy to change to match your avatar

~ The stool has several sits including a typing animation and you can change the colour of the seat. To access the sits and the sit menu right click at the very front of the seat, to change the colour via the inbuilt script touch the back of the seat cushion. You may need to make some adjustments to the sits to ensure that they are optimised for you

~ Both the table and stool can be re-textured and/or tinted to help everything match your decór. Please ensure you take a copy before you start and have at least reasonably good building skills to save any tears!!!

~ The typewriter also has built in colour change, just touch anywhere on the base to bring up the menu

Everything else is copy only but just as fabulous!

It will make a great addition as a centre-piece or a great way to brighten up a neglected corner.

Enjoy your gift now that the wait is over!

Ps – Loved the gift? Please leave a comment at the end of this post xxx


Group Gift Console Table_014