New Linden Homes Preview


New Linden Homes 2019_012

Linden Labs are planning to introduce a new range of Linden Homes and they are currently available to preview at the Homes & Garden Expo for Relay for Life, which is now open.

The verdict?

These are really lovely homes and actually feel more like homes rather than just somewhere you might want to get changed (if you have no where else) and/or somewhere to stow your illicit SL contraband. In design and use they are lightyears away from what we have at the moment. The Lab showcased two styles, a traditional home, as seen in the photo above and a houseboat with its own moorings on its own piece of virtual sea.

They are beautifully made with great attention to architectural detail. The houses now include landscaping with trees and flowers and a private garden, really gorgeous. This is a great example of a company listening to customer feedback and they have certainly incorporated a lot of previous requests to update Linden Homes.

Some of these improvements include:

  • The house itself is NOT included in the land impact for your Linden parcel!
  • Hi LOD textures throughout
  • An easier to use control panel to change the colour of the walls, floor etc
  • Windows that open and many of the traditional houses had blinds or curtains
  • A variety of styles within the two ranges on show and some pretty funky houseboat colour combos available
  • Choice of house style
  • Security

They’ve upgraded the communal areas to make them more welcoming and the houses sit on properly landscaped roads which look great. Whether road landscaping will continue once the new homes are launched I don’t know I hope so, the look and feel of the place was transformed.

Overall I was very impressed and look forward to the formal launch and additional details. It will also be interesting to see whether there will be any other themed house ranges such as urban, country, Asian, space or 70’s revival or whatever.

In the meantime here are some photos to keep you going ❤

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cube sofa_006
NEW! Clam Bay Beach House – LI = 140 35m x 40m

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