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Queen of The Realm

Moco Coyaba 3

I am standing on my new sim and soon to be new store for MOCO HOMES but don’t panic the move is a few weeks away and I won’t be saying good bye to my Ven River store just yet.

But it was exciting to get my very first virtual land, terravirtua that really belongs to me rather than to some mega estate landlord. I am looking forward to being mistress of the realm and am spending as much time as I can packing things up and moving things across….it’s going to take a loooooong time.

Getting the houses over is the least of my worries as that only takes a few minutes per cottage, it’s the landscaping that is the time consuming part.  I want to create the right feel for when customers come to visit, so it will still have a woodland feel but with lots more space. This will allow my imagination to run wild and of course create lots of places for visitors to sit and stare at the ocean if they wish!

Ven River 2015_016

It also means more space per house and more space for lots more houses, speaking of which here are a few more ‘work in progress’ pictures of Lincoln Beach the soon to be released beach house. Stay tuned for more tantalising glimpses of what’s in store as it has a lot of lovely design elements and is as usual full of light and with it’s open feel upstairs and down it has a great party ambience.

Lincoln Beach Work In Progress_001 Lincoln Beach Coming Soon_022    Lincoln Beach Coming Soon_018 Lincoln Beach Coming Soon_013    Lincoln Beach Coming Soon_012

So there are a few things for you to keep a watchful eye on…..

  • Moco Homes will be moving to a bigger brighter store in the next month
  • Lincoln Beach Cottage, a fabulous all original all mesh build will be released very soon
  • The Group Gift for June/July is on its way but I won’t say what it is you will just have to stay in touch to find out more!

Looking for a place to call home?

If you are looking for a place to call your own and aren’t quite ready for your own sim yet Dabs Shamrock has a great set of parcels to rent. She is the antithesis of your typical remote, disinterested mega landlord.

She gave me lots of great advice for my sim purchase, leading me through the dark vagaries of the shark filled and dangerous sim black market. If you want a place to call home and good support take a look at some of the parcels Dabs has free at Shamrock Estates.

Contact her in-world if you have any questions, she will be happy to help!

Visit the main office

Visit the island office

  • All builds are high Quality/home control systems and include Hippo security /Radio/ TV
  • Special Privacy settings on each parcel
  • Full Sim Monitoring takes place on a daily basis/advanced tools /including Extra security System monitoring
  • Volcano/Waterfalls /open spaces
  • Sailing swimming /Walking/Explore the waterfalls/Dolphins /Whales/Canoes/Aquarium
  • Water sports/Diving/Sky dive/horse riding/ Sail the Entire Sim Surrounds
  • Hangout relax interact with the many facilities available to ShamRock Residents
  • Two Entertainment Centres one Located on ShamRock Island and another onShamRock Sands
  • All ShamRock Residents have the privilege of using the Centres/including Dj Systems /and Stream Facilities available

5 thoughts on “Queen of The Realm Leave a comment

  1. See? We are kindred! I finally pulled up my Atlantic house trying to downsize now.. I never saw the bath house version we talked about, I threw down a cape cod I had in inventory but never put a lick of furniture in it. In fact when I pulled my moco home I was careful to put each rooms furniture in individual folders in case I went back to it. This is looks promising! Is the footage smaller than the beach house I had? I basically love the “dog run” and master br of the original but I know I am the only person on Earth, or rather SL who would like such an incomplete house. But this appears smaller. And it’s beautiful just like my first love. 😀

    • Hiya Hun, you are right about the bath house which is still on my list of ‘must do’s’. The problem with being a creative type is that the list of ‘must do’s’ gets lengthened every day, every minute with a hundred new ideas. If there were 48 hours in a day it would have been done by now! Lincoln Beach is quite an imposing house around 30% more footprint than Atlantis and as it has an upstairs about 35% taller. It cuts quite a dramatic look. You are not alone liking Atlantis, it is now my best selling house I think people just like the light. Lincoln is dare I say more sophisticated, imposing and very spacious, it will be one of those houses you’d have to see in world to get the full effect. Thanks for the encouragement and I’ll keep you posted once it’s all done 🙂

      • If I get in on my lunch hour today, I’ll stop by and check out the Lincoln. I don’t mind space upward, I just want it to make a smaller “footprint” on my ground. If it won’t work, I’ll just keep checking back and not furnish the cape cod, or perhaps move some interior walls on the Atlantis. I hope you enjoy your vacation 😀

      • It does look great in world so will be worth a visit, however it is only rezzed on my new sim which isn’t open to the public as yet and the base footprint is bigger. When I get back from my vacay I will send you a LM to the new store and you can take a look to see if it would work. Just bear in mind the whole place still looks like a building site so don’t be suing me if you trip over any random boulders! I’ll send you a postcard from Spain, Italy and if they haven’t gone bust …. Greece 🙂

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