Reef Bay Beach House Released!

Inspired by crashing waves, surf and Hawaiian beaches…

Group Gift = 35% off for all group members until 31st December 2017…. So be QUICK!!

Designed with an abundance of light it is an elegant and classy addition to Moco Homes. It has a separate pool which also comes with its own base making you free to place the pool where you want and giving you more options if you happen to have a smaller plot. You can use the house with or without the pool and the pool can be used with or without the base.

100% original mesh all surfaces can be re-textured or tinted to suit your taste, although we do think you will like the understated white washed walls and modern oak panels. However, for those times where you absolutely do need some privacy you can choose to close the blinds for all rooms or each one and make the glass doors private too, the choice is yours.
Reef Bay has a great contemporary feel, perfect for any kind of beach setting whether that be tropical shores or nestled deep in the forest atop some rugged cliff overlooking the sea.

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  •  Land impact without pool = 154
  •  Land impact with pool = 168
  • Footprint with pool = 40m × 35m although this can easily be reduced or expanded
  • Footprint without pool = 40m × 26m although this can easily be reduced or expanded
  • Copy/Mod
  • Privacy
  • Configurable Doors
  • Outdoor front and rear patios
  • Pool
  • 100% original mesh


  • Two outdoor wall lights with on/off switch = 3 Li each C
  • 2 Groups of front porch flowers in pots = Li variable CM
  • Fire logs = Li 6 with on/off switch C
  • Two porch Lights = Li 3 each with on/off switch
  • All 100% mesh


You can set the windows and all glass doors to; clear glass, semi open blinds and closed blinds.
 Reef Bay Release_042


To help with making changes to Mesh and making the most of your cottage please read the manual. It’s  easy to read, translatable and will genuinely answer most initial queries. Enjoy your new home and the discount!