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New On The Marketplace ~ Firenze Classical Gazebo

An original mesh Gazebo designed around classical lines, ideal for small or bigger gardens as an extra place to relax, to entertain friends or as a perfect addition for Roman or Greek inspired sims.

This really is an elegant outdoor set which would also work well for weddings and other celebrations and is great value for the price at just 187L$.


– 100% Original mesh gazebo
– Gazebo Li = 21
– Gazebo is copy only
– It is re-sizable
– Has several texture change options – it uses a similar switch opposite the resizer switch
– Comes with a range of additional decor items (see below)



– Central lamp and chain
– Various potted plants C/M
– Topiary tree
– Two types of marble benches
– Texture change and resizable platform (one copy only and one copy/mod without the built in textures)


It comes with a built-in texture changer to match your decor and the switch is a small box inside the roof canopy, please refer to my blog or see the Firenze texture notes inside the pack. It is resizable to twice its current size but please be aware that any increases to mesh objects will also increase the land impact. It can easily be reset to its default size. The resize switch is opposite the texture change switch in the roof canopy.


This also comes with a built-in texture changer and re-sizer and the switches are on either side of the platform.


The basic Gazebo set of the Gazebo, marble bench, some plants and the table come as a coalesced group and so is easy to place. All items also come as individual objects for you to place as you wish.


At the mainstore 

On the Marketplace

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