Carmilla Kitchen

I love it when I get to see what a customer has done with one of my cottages once it has left my care for pastures new. I always learn something or see an original take on styling a room I’ve previously created. This time one of my customers Carmilla, who recently bought Fox Cottage and the matching Vintage Kitchen. Since then she has been taking her time in decorating each room to great effect and she’s not done yet! I thought I would showcase Continue Reading…



It’s finally here! The 7th Relay For Life Home & Garden Expo opens on the 16th September. This is a great event supporting a great cause and ongoing research. 

This Second Life fund raising event is a phenomenon, raising a significant amount of money every year and each year it just gets bigger. This time I am supporting the cause by having my own store on HG Expo 1 and I will be releasing a whole new beach cottage and complementary furniture set. At the moment, Atlantis Beach and furniture is only available Continue Reading…

Atlantis Bedroom_007

Atlantis Beach_076

Here are few more photos as a taster of some of the exclusive furnishings planned for Atlantis Beach. The house and decor will be on show at the Homes & Gardens Expo in a few weeks time.

This post highlights the bedroom which has all new mesh furniture and lighting. Look out for carved fretwork details, lots of lamps and original accessories.

The plan is Continue Reading…

Atlantis Beach_008

Atlantis Beach started out as a general desire to introduce new designs and ideas to my house collection and to give my building muse a much needed boost.

The idea for this property was to create a set of smaller all mesh homes that would fit snugly onto more modest plots and ones that could also be used as sky lofts. I always seem to create more work for myself as I now have the task of creating sky box environments as well. It will be a bit tricky but then I suppose that’s the way to learn… I only hope that my normal butterfly mind doesn’t kick in half way through and I abandon the project once some new idea takes hold.
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New Mesh Body Part 2_007

I recently posted my thoughts on SLink’s new Physique Mesh body and came to the conclusion that I would wait until I could finally get the exact mesh body I have yearned for….

Quite a few people got in touch saying maybe the critique would be a bit fairer if I’d actually bought a ‘Physique’ body and tried one out. So that’s what I’ve done. I bought one, tested it out and will probably do another post on the ‘Mesh Project’ avatar body and the ‘Wowmeh’ mesh avatar if that ever comes back Continue Reading…


Damson Cottage is out now at the Ven River Store and on the Marketplace and she is also the first full size cottage I’ve made which has a Land Impact of under 100.

Coming in at a tiny 97 LI with the custom made window blinds and a minuscule 87 LI without, she not only looks good but you will also have all the prims you need to ensure she is crammed full of chic decor goodies.

Newly nestled next to Valley and Riverside Cottages she cuts an elegant figure with her doric columns, topiary trees and the sun filled conservatory. Her charms are that of your typical fashion chameleon, looking as good in an urban setting as she does by the sea or on some secluded beach. Her lightly weather bleached woods and toned down colour palette give you permission to create exactly the home you want wherever you want it to be and without compromise.

Add to that the numerous architectural details inside and out and you have a low LI house that creates a realistic, warm and inviting home. If you’re looking for a new house that Continue Reading…

sakia's house_021

I often get asked to visit customer’s homes after they’ve bought one of my cottages. I get invited mainly to hang out, share their excitement and so that they can showcase their landscaping and decorating prowess. It is always an honour to be invited and I love having a look around. I never fail Continue Reading…


A New Lush Bandstand

This bandstand complements all of the houses and cottages available from my store and comes with it’s own seating.
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Moco New Body 2.5a

I was very excited to learn of the launch of the new SLink mesh body Physique and the introduction of the new default mesh avatars released by Second Life. However I soon felt quite disappointed and was also reminded of the old adage ….that I should be careful of what I wish for….

Excitedly, I hot footed over to SLink, cash in hand, ready to get my first Mesh Avatar, only to decide not to buy after realising Continue Reading…

Ivory Summerhouse_006

NEW at the in-world store!

The last of this season’s Summerhouses, this time in Antique Ivory. It can be yours for just Continue Reading…

valley cottage_048

It’s here for you to buy at Ven River or on the Marketplace.

Valley Cottage has the feel of a grand house but with a smaller cosier footprint, so great for all sizes of plots. The product manual gives you all the info you need to enjoy the house to the fullest and always take a copy of your new home and accessories.

I hope you love it and read on for more details. Continue Reading…

Valley Cottage_015

Over the last week and by pure coincidence several customers have asked whether the showroom at Ven River was for sale. Well, very soon it will be. My intention was always to finish it off as a home and as a store but these requests have thankfully hastened things along. I’m not sure if these enquiries hadn’t come through whether I Continue Reading…

moco holiday_024

I will be on holiday for the next couple of weeks, sunning myself in the Caribbean. I can’t wait to go, I can’t wait to leave behind what is turning out to be quite a damp, rainy English summer. Ever the optimists us Brits still have high hopes that the weather will eventually settle down and we will finally see some proper sunshine in what is Continue Reading…


This is a white washed, slightly weather beaten wooden bench set. It comes FREE as part of the Butterscotch and Fox Cottage sets but you can now buy it on the Marketplace. It comes with a free mesh radio which is modifiable so you can either add your own stations, use the pre-set stations or sign up for a low cost streaming service with hundreds of stations.

There are 2 bench styles; Continue Reading…

Dining Chairs_009

Look out for a new mahogany dining table and dining chairs in store. You will find the first of many different funky variations as shown in these photos. At the moment just the cream chairs and mahogany dining table are available (in-world) but I will be adding new chairs over the next couple of days.

You can expect a mixture of traditional and quirky textures as the week goes on so keep a look out for your favourite! They come with a range Continue Reading…

leaf chandelier gold_065

leaf chandelier gold_068

This ornate chandelier has been inspired by the impending arrival of summer. It is festooned (a much underused word) with garlands of leaves and topped with glowing flower bulbs. It looks delish.

Available in 3 different customised texture styles so you can take your pick from a choice of; Continue Reading…

Bulb Chandelier & Chain_026

Bulb Chandelier & Chain_040a

This design led chandelier would look great in any modern house and would work equally well in the older style cottages available from my store. They are designed to create a distinctive modern focal point, whatever the setting.

This chandelier actually comes FREE as part of the decor accessory sets for Butterscotch, Fox, Pippin and Blossom Cottages.

The different windlights used in the post photos hopefully show how well the lighting options work in different settings.

What’s Included?

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The Seed of Light Award


An Award for blogs that inspire creativity, nature, connection,
communication and beauty … Pass it On!”

An interesting Spanish language blog that I follow ‘Los Sentidos de La Vida’ has kindly nominated me for the Seed of Light Award! I was so chuffed, gracias a Pastiva!

This is an award that celebrates Continue Reading…

Bistro Chair & Table Set_007

This charming, vintage French inspired bistro table and chair set is now available from the store or via the Marketplace for just 99L! It would look good in any indoor or outdoor setting and works best in a conservatory/gazebo or anywhere where there is lots of shimmering, natural light. A soft warm, ivory shade this set includes: Continue Reading…

ebbe linden_019

ebbe linden_008

I loved Strawberry Singh’s photo with flat Ebbe, it was brilliantly done and very funny. So I decided to pick up one of the flat Ebbes that she kindly created for all of us to do this week’s meme. I don’t often do them but really love this one. I didn’t quite bargain for Moco’s reaction when she first set eyes on him as she seemed to fall quite in love and to lose control of her faculties. It was a little embarrassing. Continue Reading…

Pippin Cottage_017

Pippin Cottage_003

Welcome to Blossom Cottage’s  nearly twin sister. These cottages are almost identical architecturally with just a couple of differences, the main one being Pippin’s more coastal exterior, complete with weathered, dark white wood panels and rain beaten brickwork. So whereas Blossom is a more flighty pink and Continue Reading…

summerhouse light blue_005

Just added in-world!

A powder blue summerhouse for just Continue Reading…

Blossom Cottage Grey4a

Blossom Cottage Grey_009

I’ve not had much time recently to work on my Kitely store due to my RL and SL creative demands. Plus I felt sort of a bit deflated by Continue Reading…

New store_008

The revamp of the Ven River store continues and this has meant some rejigging of where you will find store support. If you bought a cottage after April 2013 you can get a re-delivery from one of the terminals at Ven River.

These can now be found at the welcome area and in the new store pictured above, just use the teleporters to get around.

There are also lots of freebies in Continue Reading…

New Summerhouse_016

I’ve just added some new mesh Summerhouses, just in time for spring in the Northern Hemisphere and they come in a variety of colours. Simplicity often creates Continue Reading…

New Moco Emporium_004

Despite the expense I have made a commitment over the years to keep an in-world store and have recently had the chance to expand it and used the opportunity to revamp the landscaping. So, if you haven’t been to visit the store recently, come and take a look and hopefully you will be in for a treat. The photos scattered through this post will give you Continue Reading…

Butterscotch Cottage Feb 14_009

Butterscotch, the sunny coastal inspired yellow Cottage has been updated again!

This is part of my ongoing plans to update all cottages and replace all my old sculpt furniture with new mesh models. It is a mammoth task that will take me the rest of 2014 to complete and that’s not to mention all the work I plan to do for Kitely.

I may still decide to ‘jack it all in’ as we say in England and go and live on a desert island for a while with no Mac, ipad or iphone or go back to nature and spend time in a fabulous forest for a year. My batteries definitely need re-charging.

But I digress, back to Butterscotch, so what’s changed?

  • She’s 25% smaller so now has a maximum 32m x 32m footprint which can be made even tinier
  • Being smaller also means having a lower Land Impact which is now just 190 down from 233
  • She was always a part mesh build but she now has new mesh windows, shutters and fireplaces

Overall she is a lot lighter, more dainty and a great homely cottage for medium sized plots. She comes with the usual accessories pack to get you started on your decorating and just follow these links for more info and where to get your new home!

More information on accessories

Pick up Butterscotch Cottage on the Marketplace

Product Info and ops manual

Take a look at her springtime cousin

Butterscotch Cottage Feb 14_006

blossom cottage_014

Blossom Cottage_023

Blossom Cottage_049

Blossom Cottage celebrates all that is good and all that is lovely about spring. From her rosy coloured walls, to the freshly cut flower sprays that surround the house she is an homage to all things, fresh, abundant, sunny and hopeful. This is all about the end of winter, the end to long dark nights and cold, miserable days. I have been inspired in this build by the early arrival of spring in my own Real Life garden, with an abundance of birds, daffodils and crocuses springing up everywhere. It will therefore come as no surprise to learn that I am definitely a spring/summer type of girl, a glass half full kinda chick and without question so is this new cottage.

She’s all about hazy lazy, spring and summer days, spending, still, relaxed hours with friends, sipping cool Rosé wine, quaffing cocktails or Mint Juleps on the porch and doing absolutely nothing except soaking up the sun.

So now that you’ve seen some photos, Continue Reading…

japanese Floor lamps 5a

These simple low cost lamps are now waiting for you on the Marketplace. They cast a warm effective Continue Reading…

Pewter desk set_028

Pewter desk set_017

The Pewter version of the 100% mesh texture change desk/study set is now available to buy on the Marketplace. You can still view and buy it in-world, see below for more details and links: Continue Reading…

Vintage Office Set 6

Vintage Office Set 2

This 100% mesh desk/office set is now available to buy on the Marketplace. You can still view and buy it in-world, see below for more details and links: Continue Reading…

Fridge & Aga Stove Combo_014

If you are a little light on Lindens post Christmas you can now buy the Vintage Fridge & Cooker as a separate combo set via the Marketplace. They come with a modify/copy blind and the same hud. This means that when you do get more Lindens you can add to the set when you can and all items will be part of the same texture change controller….happy days!

Some more pics to show you some of the many colour and texture combos.

Fridge & Aga Stove Combo_010

Continue Reading…

Tao Lia Islands in Kitely

A month or so back I started my exploration of Kitely destinations and came across Tao Lia, a truly beautiful collection of sims, created around a series of dreamy themes. This is an inspiring, serene and interesting place to visit and highly recommended, whichever metaverse you are from!

Unlike the numerous wonderful destinations in Second Life (often limited to just one or two sims) Continue Reading…

New Asian Beach House_025

New Asian Beach House_027

My Asian Beach Lodge has always been a best seller but the sliding doors were often a bit … ahem… random. I’d get calls from some very happy but slightly stressed customers saying how much they loved the house but they had become randomly trapped in the doors or their partner had become (mysteriously) a banned person overnight, now unable Continue Reading…

New Bluebelle Cottage_030

New Bluebelle Cottage_027

Bluebelle Cottage has been given a bit of a makeover. It seemed like the right time and as she was one of the first cottages I built I feel she was more than ready for some long over due TLC.

So, not only has she got all new external paintwork she’s also been partly Continue Reading…

Vintage Kitchen_048

Vintage Kitchen_043

Vintage Kitchen_037

You can now buy this 100% mesh vintage kitchen with texture change hud via the Marketplace or in-world at Ven River. You can buy as separate pieces in-world or save some Lindens and buy the full set.

What’s included in the full set?

Continue Reading…


Vintage Kitchen_033

I’ve finally got around to finishing off the kitchen I started months ago and she will be on sale in the next week or so or as soon as I’ve finished the texture change hud to go with it.  So have a look out for the next kitchen post which will give you the full juicy details plus some tasty samples of the texture options you will be able to choose from.

However I’ve included some kitchen pics in this post to whet your appetite and you will find them randomly sprinkled through my musings on Kitely and the SL Marketplace. In any case Continue Reading…

Kitely Moco @ Tao Lia

Well, the New Year celebrations have come and gone and I have my usual sore head after only 2 glasses of pink Champagne. I am a total light weight… to recover I spent part of the day Continue Reading…

calas galadhon_013

Calas Galadhon Winter Scene

As 2013 nears its end my thoughts start to move towards the future and inevitably I start to think of people, places and things past. It has been a mixed year for me, some things have been absolutely great, some things and people have not been so good and of course there’s always the lingering sadness for those who are no longer with us. I hope 2013 has been kind to you and if it hasn’t Continue Reading…

legally insane_012

Ok I admit it, I have gone mad, totally, utterly, deeply. It happens sometimes when I find a new designer whose sense of style, craftsmanship and designs I fall head over heels in love with.

The last designer was Continue Reading…

ven river test_004

Here are the last of the winter giveaways….some FREE Christmas trees which are copy/mod.

They come with sparkles, Continue Reading…

xmas at ven river_017a

I love the look of glittering, crisp white snow, but in reality and on the rare occasions that it does snow heavily and deeply in London then I barely venture outside the house at least not until Continue Reading…