Woodland Hut …. Work In Progress

Christmas Hut_067

Christmas Hut_073


The terrible truth is…
I love that I can run away!
That I can escape into this world…
Where everything is anything I want it to be….

…..Oh I love this land of make believe!

Read the full poem by Samantha Page here:

After a bit of a break from building I am just finishing off a Christmas/Beach/Woodland Lodge/Hut/Shack. Yes, I know that that sounds a little confused but let me explain. Every year I usually create a winter themed house or whatever takes my fancy and this year I wanted to create a little versatile hut that could be used in lots of different ways. This one roomed hut, once completed (hopefully in December…) will be special.

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I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud….

Red Bandstand 3

Of course I am misusing the famous opening line from William Wordsworth’s well known poem, which has nothing at all to do with Bandstands and Bridges. The line seemed to match the mood in the photo and I like the instant emotion that well placed clouds can create in Second Life. In fact they are one of the few visual enhancements that work really, really well, adding instant atmosphere and drama.

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Group Gift Released ~ Create Your Own Style!

Group Gift Nov 14_012

Group Gift Nov 14_020

November’s Group Gift has just been released to my new in-world group MOCO HOMES Emporium, You can join via the store or search for the group. You can expect to get regular high quality mesh furniture and decor.

I’ve pushed the boat out again and this month’s gift is EXCLUSIVE to group members. Although this design is available as part of the Atlantis furniture set every item in this version has a texture change options which will NOT be available in store to anyone else.  You can pick up additional bathroom items including the bath itself in store. So, what’s included?

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Retro Kitchen On The Marketplace

Atlantis Kitchen_024

Atlantis Kitchen_028

This new retro kitchen was built for Atlantis Beach cottage but would work in most of my cottages or any modern but cosy loft/sky box. It’s a good match for any of these styles mainly because it comes with a built in texture change menu. It gives you the option to change Continue reading