Marketplace Kitely Store Now Open

Atlantis Arc light IVORY_023

I’ve finally managed to get a few things out for sale on the Kitely Marketplace. This will mainly be lighting to begin with more furniture and finally some cottages to follow.

There really are only a couple of things so far;

They are simple enough to operate and all instructions are included in the packs and if I sell anything I will add on more and maybe even open the in-world Kitely store.

It’s taken me so long as I am busy in all 3 worlds….plus Kitely physics and set up is a bit of a learning curve, not to mention the lack of Continue reading

Woodland Hut ~ New Year Limited Price Promotion 99L

Woodland Hut 99l limited Offer 3

To welcome in the New Year, the Woodland Hut is being offered at a very special and limited offer price of 99L!

Just as a reminder, this multi season hut comes with an extensive range of internal and external texture change options. She will look just as good in summer as she does in winter and just as good nestled deep in a forest as she does perched on a beach.

You can change the look from rustic to surf side in just a couple of clicks.

Full details can be found here……but hurry numbers are limited!

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Woodland Hut 99L Limited Offer


Polar Encounters & Happy 2015!

Moco Explore 2015

I decided to do some long overdue SL exploring and headed off across the frozen wastes of Frisland, Calas Galadhon and the furthest flung corners of my own sim. I was just setting up my camera for some gratuitous shots of my new Mutresse Nikita leggings (which are fabulous) when I heard some beastly snuffling and low menacing growling in the woods. Continue reading

Away For Christmas…

Xams 2015

This is just a quick note for my customers to say that I will be away from SL for the next few days. I will be back in world on Sunday 28th Dec but won’t be logging in before then. I will have eaten far too much Christmas dinner and figgy pudding and quaffed too much Champagne (2 glasses) to even think about logging on.

For any questions regarding your new cottage please refer to the online manuals, these are translatable and really will help with any initial questions. If you are still stuck please send me an email and I’ll either send you an offline reply or look into things further when I am back.

Thanks so much for your custom, love and support over the last year and I hope that you will be as excited as I am with the new builds coming up for 2015.


Have fun and be good….Santa is watching!


FREE Seasonal Gift Boxes

Free Gift Boxes_003

Dotted around the store are some new modify/transfer sets of FREE Christmas Gift Boxes. 100% mesh they come in sets of 7 individual boxes (various sizes) and each set has a different colour style which you can choose to keep or add your own look. The gift tag can be updated with your own special texture message for your loved ones!

There are about 10 different sets all pre-styled and waiting for you at the Ven River store! They can easily be used for birthdays and Valentine’s Day too and they have been placed outside the front door of the Ven River cottages just waiting for you to come and snap them up….for FREE!

Get collecting!