FREE Seasonal Gift Boxes

Free Gift Boxes_003

Dotted around the store are some new modify/transfer sets of FREE Christmas Gift Boxes. 100% mesh they come in sets of 7 individual boxes (various sizes) and each set has a different colour style which you can choose to keep or add your own look. The gift tag can be updated with your own special texture message for your loved ones!

There are about 10 different sets all pre-styled and waiting for you at the Ven River store! They can easily be used for birthdays and Valentine’s Day too and they have been placed outside the front door of the Ven River cottages just waiting for you to come and snap them up….for FREE!

Get collecting!


Woodland Hut Furniture ~ Work In Progress….

woodland hut WIP_005

This is just a quick taster of some of the furnishings that will be available in the New Year for the newly released Woodland Hut. I enjoy the experience of creating new and upgraded decor for my builds and with this hut I have been surprised at how much I have managed to cram into a small space! These pictures show the texture change hut with a clean but seasonally shabby white interior, a look I do particularly like especially surrounded by newly fallen snow.

So far I’ve managed to cram in; a double bed Continue reading

Riverside Cottage Catches A Chill

Riverside Frost_002

Riverside cottage will get a mesh style makeover in the New Year. As one of the first houses I ever built it is due some TLC. It is still my best selling cottage, despite being 100% legacy prims and a over 200 LI. It just goes to show that despite all advances in modelling in SL people still look for the same things in their SL houses as they do in RL and that’s a cosy, well built place to call home.

Riverside Frost_006

When I do eventually get around to modernising Riverside Cottage it will still retain the same look and feel just better and with a lower land impact. It will also have a mesh winter pack created for it which will include a fluffy mesh snow roof. See my previous post for more info.

In the meantime, I’ve created a snowy pack of frosted tiles, snow texture, a mesh snow mound and snow maker so that you can easily Continue reading

‘Heavy’ Snow At The Ven River Store

Ven River Winter_014

Ven River Winter_019

If you haven’t been to the Ven River store recently then you will notice a definite chill if you visit in the next few weeks. Winter has descended across the land like a big frozen fist. There is snow and ice everywhere. I do love winter in SL, it is always very atmospheric and avatars go to great lengths to create the right look and feel. One of my favourite places Continue reading

Woodland Winter Wonder Hut For Sale!

christmas hut wip_026It’s finally finished and this is genuinely a gem of a hut, ideal as a secret hideaway nestled in a winter forest, or on a secluded beach or perfect as a little place of your own to unpack shopping, get changed or to do some entertaining! Plus there’s a little something special for group members…please read on!

Continue reading