Group Only Gacha Gift Now On!

Group Gift Gatcg Common_035

That’s right folks, group gifts are baaaaaack!

And I do hope you have a very happy Valentine’s day when it comes even if you don’t really believe in it and are one of those grumpy people who think it’s just a commercial waste of time.

Nevertheless, to celebrate St Valentine’s day and to spread a little love this is the first Group Only Gacha available to play at the Ven River Store. Your prize is Continue reading

Atlantis Beach For Sale on Kitely

Atlantis Beach Kitely_026

The first of my SL cottages to make it over to Kitely is Atlantis Beach. This is currently my best selling house and it works equally well on secluded and crowded beach areas.

What Does The Kitely Version Offer? Continue reading

Marketplace Kitely Store Now Open

Atlantis Arc light IVORY_023

I’ve finally managed to get a few things out for sale on the Kitely Marketplace. This will mainly be lighting to begin with more furniture and finally some cottages to follow.

There really are only a couple of things so far;

They are simple enough to operate and all instructions are included in the packs and if I sell anything I will add on more and maybe even open the in-world Kitely store.

It’s taken me so long as I am busy in all 3 worlds….plus Kitely physics and set up is a bit of a learning curve, not to mention the lack of Continue reading

Woodland Hut ~ New Year Limited Price Promotion 99L

Woodland Hut 99l limited Offer 3

To welcome in the New Year, the Woodland Hut is being offered at a very special and limited offer price of 99L!

Just as a reminder, this multi season hut comes with an extensive range of internal and external texture change options. She will look just as good in summer as she does in winter and just as good nestled deep in a forest as she does perched on a beach.

You can change the look from rustic to surf side in just a couple of clicks.

Full details can be found here……but hurry numbers are limited!

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Woodland Hut 99L Limited Offer


Polar Encounters & Happy 2015!

Moco Explore 2015

I decided to do some long overdue SL exploring and headed off across the frozen wastes of Frisland, Calas Galadhon and the furthest flung corners of my own sim. I was just setting up my camera for some gratuitous shots of my new Mutresse Nikita leggings (which are fabulous) when I heard some beastly snuffling and low menacing growling in the woods. Continue reading