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Atlantis Kitchen_028

This new retro kitchen was built for Atlantis Beach cottage but would work in most of my cottages or any modern but cosy loft/sky box. It’s a good match for any of these styles mainly because it comes with a built in texture change menu. It gives you the option to change Continue Reading…



Now available to buy via the Marketplace….use this link!

Nest Chandelier, Copy/Mod, Just 7 PE/LI


AB Furniture Pack Blog_008

From today you can buy Atlantis Cottage plus all furnishings on the marketplace.

If you are just looking to buy the buy house on its own here’s the marketplace link for that too.

The picture above shows a random selection and a fraction of the furniture included in this pack. Buying everything together will save you more than 30% on the individual prices.  Although the set is shown in a ‘porcelain’ colour way, the sofas, chaises, bed covers, cushions and kitchen cupboards are all texture change. So you can create a complementary colour set or go crazy and mix things up a little, peach with lilac, sea foam with apple… !

The decor set plus the house comes in at 409 LI and is low lag.

Read all about exactly what’s included and see more photos by going to the product page.

The set includes original mesh decor for:


Living Room



Study Area


You can still buy the individual furniture packs at the in-world store.  In the meantime here’s a selection of what’s waiting for you <3 <3 Continue Reading…

Atlantis Beach_016

Following a successful launch at the Home & Garden Expo you can now pick up Atlantis Beach at;

The Ven River Store (which has been recently expanded)

The SL Marketplace

Furniture packs to be added soooooon!




Yep, that’s absolutely right, a new group was recently created called MOCO HOMES Emporium, which I realise is not that imaginative but ho hum! You can join in-world and you can expect to get regular high quality mesh furniture and decor with my thanks for your custom. Plus, group members will get exclusive discounts on every new house released which you will be able to buy from a group only vendor in the store.

This month is an especially bumper welcome pack of furnishings which are Continue Reading…