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Damson Cottage…..The New House On The Block!


Damson Cottage is out now at the Ven River Store and on the Marketplace and she is also the first full size cottage I’ve made which has a Land Impact of under 100.

Coming in at a tiny 97 LI with the custom made window blinds and a minuscule 87 LI without, she not only looks good but you will also have all the prims you need to ensure she is crammed full of chic decor goodies.

Newly nestled next to Valley and Riverside Cottages she cuts an elegant figure with her doric columns, topiary trees and the sun filled conservatory. Her charms are that of your typical fashion chameleon, looking as good in an urban setting as she does by the sea or on some secluded beach. Her lightly weather bleached woods and toned down colour palette give you permission to create exactly the home you want wherever you want it to be and without compromise.

Add to that the numerous architectural details inside and out and you have a low LI house that creates a realistic, warm and inviting home. If you’re looking for a new house that is decor ready but still allows you to add your own style, this is the cottage for you. If you’ve not visited the in world store in a while come and take a look as not everything is listed on the Marketplace and I wouldn’t want you to miss out 🙂

Cottage details coming up next….



Part Mesh LI = 87 (without drapes) and 97 (with drapes) Copy/Mod Footprint = 31 x 26 (but variable) Accessories Pack = 23 LI


Accessories Pack LI = 23 (variable) Copiable with some copy/mod items

  • Porch Coach Lanterns
  • Fire plus on/off switch and sounds
  • Topiary Trees (c/m)
  • Built in spotlights (inside and out)
  • Rear Garden Fencing (c/m)

The accessories do come with a simple rezzer so just follow the instructions to rez and to store once everything is in place.


The layout, which you can of course change is;

  • Downstairs ~ entrance hallway, living area, Conservatory and kitchen area
  • Upstairs ~ 2 bedrooms, large bathroom & study area
  • Lots of outdoor space and a front verandah


  • Privacy windows (via the texture control panel by the front door)
  • Lockable doors (read the manual : )
  • The house comes as a single build (including the doors) so it is easy to place and move


You can change the windows (upstairs and downstairs) to;

  • White or grey closed blinds
  • Glass or
  • Clear

Plus, there are numerous texture options for the window blinds, see the sample texture board in world. The recently completed Bandstand and/or Summerhouses would also work well with this cottage. These are available at my inworld or Marketplace Stores. FAQs Operating Manual Have fun picking up your keys for this new home!!


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