Valley Cottage For Sale At Ven River!

valley cottage_048

It’s here for you to buy at Ven River or on the Marketplace.

Valley Cottage has the feel of a grand house but with a smaller cosier footprint, so great for all sizes of plots. The product manual gives you all the info you need to enjoy the house to the fullest and always take a copy of your new home and accessories.

I hope you love it and read on for more details.

Valley Cottage_009


Part Mesh LI = 145 (without drapes) and 173 (with drapes)


Footprint = 35 x 29 (but variable)

Accessories Pack = 66 LI


Accessories Pack LI = 66 (variable)

Copiable with some copy/mod items

  • Outdoor lighting
  • Fire plus on/off switch and sounds
  • Window seat & accessories
  • Mesh Radio
  • Summerhouse
  • Lots of outdoor space and light


The layout, which you can of course change is;

  • Downstairs ~ living area, patio and kitchen area
  • Upstairs ~ 2 bedrooms, large bathroom & study area
  • Big bay windows
    Big fenced patio
  • Optional Summerhouse

The basics;

Privacy windows (via the texture control panel by the front door)
Lockable doors (read the manual : )
The house comes as a single build (including the doors) so is easy to place and move


You can change the windows (upstairs and downstairs) to;

  • White or grey closed blinds
  • Glass or
  • Clear

The house comes as a single build (there are no separate, unlinked doors in any of my cottages!) so it is easy to place and move without the need  for a rezzer. The accessories do come with a simple rezzer so just follow the instructions to rez and to store once everything is in place.

The recently completed Vintage Kitchen and Vintage Desk Sets would also work well with this cottage. These are available at my inworld or Marketplace Stores.


Product Manual


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valley cottage_057