Atlantis Beach….. Under Construction

Atlantis Beach_008

Atlantis Beach started out as a general desire to introduce new designs and ideas to my house collection and to give my building muse a much needed boost.

The idea for this property was to create a set of smaller all mesh homes that would fit snugly onto more modest plots and ones that could also be used as sky lofts. I always seem to create more work for myself as I now have the task of creating sky box environments as well. It will be a bit tricky but then I suppose that’s the way to learn… I only hope that my normal butterfly mind doesn’t kick in half way through and I abandon the project once some new idea takes hold.

Atlantis Beach_023

Atlantis Beach_022

Whatever happens Atlantis Beach as a low LI home should be ready (with or without the bonus of a sky box environment) in the next few weeks. It should come in at 70 LI or below but will still be quite roomy (it already has 5 rooms and ample outside spaces). In the meantime here are some ‘under construction’ photos.

Atlantis Beach_005a

It’s always exciting to start work on a new building. It normally begins with me staring absent mindedly at a collection of newly rezzed prims or random mesh components. Sometimes I will get design inspiration from a customer, occasionally from something I’ve read but mostly it will be inspired by some beautiful thing I have seen or heard. And although everything starts  with an idea and I may have some vague style in mind I am never totally sure of the overall design until it is finally complete. So expect some changes with this build once the final version is up for sale.

Atlantis Beach_012

As this is work in progress, sign up for regular blog updates – if you haven’t already done so – and you’ll be the first to hear about the release date and the all the luscious accessories to go with it.

Atlantis Beach_028

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