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Group Gift Released – Hey…….There’s A Group….??


Yep, that’s absolutely right, a new group was recently created called MOCO HOMES Emporium, which I realise is not that imaginative but ho hum! You can join in-world and you can expect to get regular high quality mesh furniture and decor with my thanks for your custom. Plus, group members will get exclusive discounts on every new house released which you will be able to buy from a group only vendor in the store.

This month is an especially bumper welcome pack of furnishings which are part of the set being created for Damson Cottage. The light even has 2 light settings to help you to create the perfect mood….

It is of course 100% Mesh, copiable and all new original designs:

♥ Damson Table Lamp [on/off] Switch
♥ Damson Low Coffee Table
♥ Plant
♥ Book Set
♥ Rug C/M
♥ Console Table
♥ Picture Frame C/M


Would complement many different colour schemes and house styles and would easily fill up an empty corner waiting for some inspiration!

So no more excuses…

Get signed up, get gifted.



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