Group Only Gacha Gift Now On!

Group Gift Gatcg Common_035

That’s right folks, group gifts are baaaaaack!

And I do hope you have a very happy Valentine’s day when it comes even if you don’t really believe in it and are one of those grumpy people who think it’s just a commercial waste of time.

Nevertheless, to celebrate St Valentine’s day and to spread a little love this is the first Group Only Gacha available to play at the Ven River Store. Your prize is a 100% mesh Love Bower, which comes with cuddles of course and lots of single/solo sits for those times when maybe you just want to sit by yourself or perhaps you have had a big bust up with your partner or perhaps even your love has left you and …. well anyway you have a few seating options included ❤

Group Gift Gatcg Common_030

As this Gacha is for members of Moco Homes Emporium only, you simply pay 1L$ to be guaranteed one of 10 original Bowers in different colours. They are copy only and come in at a LI of just 17 and have many lovely little features. For example the 2  little love birds on top, holding a up a mesh heart….. aaawwww 🙂

So Pay Your Money & Take A Chance

  • 1 SUPER RARE Love Bower in Gold with 16 modify/transfer custom, mesh, heart, gift box sets of assorted colours
  • 3 RARE Love Bowers in Red, Slate & Rose plus one mesh (plus bespoke sets of 4 heart boxes)
  • 3 UNCOMMON Love Bowers in Blue, Aqua & Coffee (comes with a single custom heart box to give away)
  • 3 COMMON Love Bowers in Cream, Mint & Buttermilk (comes with the bower only)

Group Gift Gatcg Common_022

The bowers are copy only and the gift boxes are modify/transfer. There is one of each set per customer so you have 10 to collect in all and if you’re lucky you could get all 10 for 10L! You literally can’t lose.

When you get to the store head for main showroom/store using the teleporters and once at the showroom (Valley Cottage) you will see a pink Gacha machine and some signs to join the group if you aren’t already a member.

The Gacha machine may sometimes say ” only one of this product is permitted per customer” and give you your money back even though you may only have 2/3 Bowers under your belt. Not to worry, this is simply because the Gacha machine is randomised and would have tried to give you the same thing again, just wait for a while or try the other Gacha machine.

Group Gift Gatcg Common_057

The gift boxes have been handcrafted to be top quality and to make whatever you decide to gift to your lovers, friends or family something special. They all come with carefully designed textures although you can change the textures to suit. Just be careful when making changes as the boxes are no copy.

I really hope you love them and this gift will be available to group members only until the end of February.

Have fun!!!

Find the Gacha machines here.

Group Gift Gatcg Common_050