Just Released! New Suitcase Décor Set


I’ve just released a new set of suitcases on the Marketplace and in-world for just 99L. You can see the suitcases and different fabric styles at the Woodland Multi Season Cottage, Lincoln Cove and Valley Cottage.

You get three suitcase sets designed to be used as furniture decor.

They can be used as cupboards and the small double set is designed as a bedside cabinet.

There are multiple texture changes to suit your tastes based around the colours of the UK and USA flags, red, white and blue plus some neutral shades as well. There will be other colour sets released soon.

Just touch the top case to bring up the texture change menu.

They can also be used as extra seating using the SL sit system and your own AO. There are no animations or sit scripts included, simply right click, select ‘sit here’ and you will be able to sit. A good quality AO will contain sit animations anyway and it will be easy to scroll through your AO menu and choose the sit you want.

See the pictures below for some examples of the possible style combinations. In total there are over 100 different combinations to create so you should find something that suits your home!