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Valley Cottage ….. Coming Soon!

Valley Cottage_015

Over the last week and by pure coincidence several customers have asked whether the showroom at Ven River was for sale. Well, very soon it will be. My intention was always to finish it off as a home and as a store but these requests have thankfully hastened things along. I’m not sure if these enquiries hadn’t come through whether I would have built anything else this year!

Valley Cottage_024

This is my usual work in progress post and the house/store needs more work to get the land impact down and to finish off the accessories pack. This is a big open plan build (35m x 29m) based on a late Victorian New England design. It has a pared down interior with most of the architectural features on the outside.

Valley Cottage_007

There are big bay windows, allowing tons of light to flood in, a big wraparound verandah/garden and awnings. This house will come with accessories such as window seating and lighting but won’t have a texture change controller. It will come with curtains, fencing and a fire. All accessories will be mesh and the house will be part mesh.

Valley Cottage_005

Stay tuned for more photos and information as the house will be ready towards the end of next week. Thanks to Sakia for the final push in getting it finished off! You can see this house set up as a store at Ven River.

Valley Cottage_018

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