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New Bistro Table & Chair Set Now Available Just 99L!

Bistro Chair & Table Set_007

This charming, vintage French inspired bistro table and chair set is now available from the store or via the Marketplace for just 99L! It would look good in any indoor or outdoor setting and works best in a conservatory/gazebo or anywhere where there is lots of shimmering, natural light. A soft warm, ivory shade this set includes: chairs, table, a rug and drinks. The table and table cloth are modifiable making it easy for you to match it to any space. Please Note: increasing the size of any mesh items may also increase the Land Impact!

The chairs and rug have a easy to use ‘Clic Thru’ texture changer, so that you can ensure this set perfectly matches your decor.

They are also designed to match any of my coastal/woodland inspired cottages or summer houses and come with many features at a great price.


  • 100% Mesh
  • LI = 23 variable (2 chairs, large table plus beverage tray, cup dispensing sugar bowl and drinks)
  • Chair ~ Copiable, Clic Thru texture change seat plus drink, sit, relax and chat animations
  • Table ~ Copy/Mod, including a removable table cloth
  • Wearable Steaming mugs of coffee/cappuccino/hot chocolate…you choose!
  • Beverage/serving tray
  • Rug ~ Copy/Mod with Clic Thru texture change
  • Sugar bowl cup dispenser

Use the search tab below to see the matching cottages and summer houses!

Bistro Chair & Table Set_003

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