NEW IVORY Bandstand + Seating & Lighting Just Added!


A New Lush Bandstand

This bandstand complements all of the houses and cottages available from my store and comes with it’s own seating.
The seating is removable so you can re-style it in a different way if you wish. Plus there’s soft lighting which you can control too. The bandstand and the multi sit bench come as a coalesced copy so just rez and place.

It would work really well with, Lavender, Riverside and Blossom Cottages.

Multi Sit Bandstand Details

100% Mesh


Six seating positions (all with a variety of active male and female animations ~ including drink, relax and chat)

LI = 26 [without the setting]

LI = 30 [with seating]

Footprint = 9m x 11m

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The bridge is not part of this pack but can be bought in store