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Celebrating Creativity ~ Seed of Light Awards


The Seed of Light Award


An Award for blogs that inspire creativity, nature, connection,
communication and beauty … Pass it On!”

An interesting Spanish language blog that I follow ‘Los Sentidos de La Vida’ has kindly nominated me for the Seed of Light Award! I was so chuffed, gracias a Pastiva!

This is an award that celebrates creativity, beauty and innovation and those blogs which simply brighten up our days. Los Sentidos blogs about great films, fine art, good wine, books, fascinating photography and lush food. Apart from love what else is there!

The seed represents the beginning of everything and from those tiny beginnings can spring something brilliant and new that refreshes us all. So it is now left to me to pass on my appreciation of blogs that inspire me!


Thank the person who nominated you.

Nominate at least 5 blogs and provide links to their blogs.

Notify the nominees of their nominations.

Congratulations! You have been nominated for an award. If you do not wish to accept it – no problem. Simply interpret this as my admiration and for sharing your wonderful posts with us all.


Always original, always interesting

A regular poetry blog to make you think

Great SL photos and fashion photography

Gorgeous real life fashion posts and delicious jewels

Quirky, almost word free interior design blog…plus pet pooches!

Leah Smithson’s fascinating year long Ishan Project

SL Fashion artwork that makes you go ‘wow!’

Photography based on natural forms to brighten your day

Gorgeous and inspired bird illustrations

Beautiful photography and styling

Luscious SL home photos simply done

Beautiful Interior Design Styles & Tips

Please take the time to visit these great blogs and if you have your own nominations…pass it on! Thanks again to Pastiva.

moco@black basalt beach 2_006

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