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Welcome to Blossom Cottage’s  nearly twin sister. These cottages are almost identical architecturally with just a couple of differences, the main one being Pippin’s more coastal exterior, complete with weathered, dark white wood panels and rain beaten brickwork. So whereas Blossom is a more flighty pink and shades of coral, Pippin is more shades of lavender, greys and muted browns. So now you have more of a choice, pink, feminine and flirty or calm, collected and a teensy bit more serious.

She has the exact same accessories as Blossom, so no sibling rivalry there, which include;  mesh wrought iron chairs with sit, chat and drink animations, perfect for socialising, big generous pots of roses, French inspired prints, chandeliers, lights, Bistro tables and ambient sounds.

She also has the usual ‘Moco Emporium’ texture change panel, making matching your decor to your moods really easy.

A part mesh, all original build coming in at a 166 LI. Although the 2 houses are exactly the same except for a few cosmetic changes Pippin’s land impact is lower. I am still trying to work out the ‘Dark Arts’ that are the Land Impact calculations and am frequently baffled by random changes such as this. Anyway I mustn’t complain as, this time it has worked out in your favour and mine!

This combination of mesh and prims gives you maximum scope to modify and adapt the build to suit your needs, whilst still giving you the low land impact that is so essential in Second Life. You’ll still have plenty of space left over for your other furnishings and landscaping.

BUT as always please make sure that when you do make any modifications you are confident in what you’re doing as mesh operates very differently to prims and always take a copy of your cottage. Please read the manual, I always say this and it always falls on deaf ears! For more information on mesh and store policies follow these links.

Store Policy

Product Info



Part Mesh LI = 166


Footprint = 32 x 30 (but variable)

Accessories Pack LI = 120 (variable)

  • Copiable with some copy/mod items
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Roses
  • Lighting
  • Rugs copy/mod
  • Photo Frames copy/mod
  • Chandelier
  • And more

Lots of outdoor space and light

  • Conservatory
  • Balcony
  • Verandah
  • Patio

The layout, which you can of course change is;

  • Downstairs ~ living area, conservatory, patio and kitchen area
  • Upstairs ~ Large bedroom, large bathroom, study area and balcony

The basics;

  • Privacy windows (via the texture control panel)
  • Lockable doors (read the manual : )
  • The house comes as a single build

Texture Change Panel;

  • Texture change control panel to make redecorating easier but the house is copy/mod so you can add your own textures as well
  • The Texture Change Panel will change; the internal walls, floors, curtains and window privacy settings

The house comes as a single build (there are no separate, unlinked doors in any of my cottages!) so it is easy to place and move without the need  for a rezzer.

The accessories do come with a simple rezzer so just follow the instructions to rez and to store once everything is in place. The recently completed Vintage Kitchen and Vintage Desk Sets would also work well with this cottage.


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